What according to Okeke are the important factors that one should consider when choosing a bride?

What according to Okeke are the important factors that one should consider when choosing a bride?

Okeke believes in the traditional customs surrounding marriage and wishes to arrange his son’s marriage to a girl whom he finds suitable. He tells Nnaemeka a wife should have “good character and a Christian background.” These seem to be code words for a wife who is from Okeke’s village and is from his ethnic group.

What does Okeke do when his son sends him a wedding photo?

When Nnaemeka sends him a wedding photo, Okeke cuts out the bride’s image and sends the photo back to Nnaemeka. In his letter to his son, Okeke voices his irritation at receiving an unsolicited wedding picture from him.

What is nnaemeka’s main reason for refusing to marry the woman Okeke chose for him?

Okeke opposes Nnaemeka’s choice of a wife for three reasons. The most important reason is that Nene is from a different ethnic group than Nnaemeka. She is Ibibio and he is Ibo.

How does Okeke show that he is a bit more progressive than his neighbors?

While Okeke does embrace traditional notions of the good, he is progressive in how he recognizes that the decisions his son makes are his and his alone. In this, there is a progressive tendency that can be found in comparison to his neighbors and their professed approach to solving the situation in their own way.

What finally changes Okeke’s mind?

A. What finally changes Okeke’s mind about seeing his son and family? A. He learns that Nnaemeka has a terminal illness and will die soon.

What finally weakens Okeke’s resolve?

Expert Answers This itself ushed in a massive internal conflict that “nearly killed him” with the strain, but in the end, Okeke manages to be successful and lives without having any contact at all with his son and his family.

What news does nnaemeka’s father announce by letter?

What news does Nnaemeka’s father announce by letter? Okeke has chosen a girl to be Nnaemeka’s wife. You just studied 5 terms!

What does nnaemeka value most in a marriage?

She is intelligent and well educated. The girl his father has found is “a complete dunce at school” in addition to having been a bully who used to beat him up. Nnaemeka values a new gender role for the woman he marries: one who is well educated and has a career.

Why does nnaemeka want to delay communicating with his father?

According to the story, why does Nnaemeka want to wait until he is home on leave to tell his father of his engagement to Nene? Nnaemeka is afraid of his father and wants to postpone telling him the news for as long as possible.

Why does Nene’s letter have such a powerful effect on Okeke?

Nene’s letter has a powerful effect because the grandsons have part of Okeke’s genes; therefore, he cannot simply disregard them.

What is the significance of the Cassia tree as a setting for the discussion between father and son?

The significance of the Cassia tree as the setting is “to depict the visual imagery of state of the mind of the father (Okoye) and the hope of the son (Nnaemeka) to have a quiet, easy and smooth discussion.”

Why does Okeke reconsider his feelings regarding nnaemeka marriage to Nene?

Okeke opposes Nnaemeka’s choice of a wife for three reasons. The most important reason is that Nene is from a different ethnic group than Nnaemeka. She is Ibibio and he is Ibo. Even though both groups are from southeast Nigeria, they rarely entered into mixed marriages until modern times.

Who does Okeke want nnaemeka marry?


Do you think Nene taken risks based on the story What do you think are those?

Nene seems to take two risks in the story. First, she marries Nnaemeka even knowing that his father, Okeke, would not accept her easily into his life. It’s a risk because the father’s prejudice could make her marriage, and her life, quite difficult–especially if children enter the picture, which they do.

Who is Okeke?

Okeke is Nnaemeka’s father and the antagonist in the story. He is the one that shows the fiercest resistance to his son’s news that he plans to marry Nene, a girl who is neither from their village nor Ibo.

What kind of wife does Okeke wants for his son?

Expert Answers Okeke requires that a wife for his son should have a Christian background and be of good character. To Okeke, love is not a necessary element in the area of matchmaking.

What similarities do Okeke and nnaemeka have?

However, at the end of the story, Okeke finds it in his heart to accept his son’s family upon learning of his grandchildren. Okeke is remorseful and opens his heart after all. The most evident similarity is that both are related to one another. They are both members of the Ibo tribal community and are father and son.

What request does Nene make of Okeke?

Nene thinks Nnaemeka should write a letter to his father, Okeke, to give him the good news about Nene and Nnaemeka’s engagement. They love each other very much and are happy and excited to be planning their wedding.

Does the ending of the story suggest that Okeke will finally offer parental approval of nnaemeka’s marriage?

Does the ending of the story suggest that Okeke will finally offer parental approval of Nnaemeka’s marriage? The ending suggests Okeke may finally approve of the marriage, though not necessarily. It is the grandsons he falls for, not the marriage between Nene and Nnaemeka.

What is the purpose of the story about Mrs ochuba?

The father’s friends recommend that the son be administered a medicine called Amalile, which apparently allows straying husbands to be attracted to their wives again. Mrs. Ochuba intended to give this medicine to her husband for this purpose, but it was given to the herbalist instead, who died as a result.

Who is Mrs ochuba?

Mrs. Ochuba is a woman from Okeke’s village who many believe is a “wicked murderess” for killing a native doctor by giving the doctor the medicine that was meant to make Mrs. Ochuba’s husband interested in her again. Moses, Adetobi.

Who is nnaemeka?

Nnaemeka, the protagonist of the story and a young Ibo man, is Nene’s fiancé and Okeke’s son. He is extremely cautious and cares greatly about his father’s opinion of him. For that reason, he postpones telling Okeke about his engagement, afraid that his father will react negatively because Nene is not an Ibo.

How does the short story depicts the conflict between two different generations?

Achebe depicts the generational conflict by illustrating the dispute between Nnaemeka and his father Okeke regarding Nnaemeka’s marriage. Nnaemeka values the modern concept of marriage and foregoes the traditional Igbo marriage custom by proposing to Nene.

What is the setting of the story where Okeke lives )?

The father, Okeke, lives in a small rural village and his life is dictated by the ancient precepts of his culture, including strict rules about marriage. On the other hand, his son Nnaemeka has moved to the modern city of Lagos and looks at the world in a completely different way.

What causes conflict between generations?

GENERATIONAL CONFLICT arises whenever the interests or ideals of one generation collide openly with those of another. Sociologists argue that only modern societies—in which age specific social roles are not prescribed by tradition—regularly give rise to different generational identities. …

What causes intergenerational conflict?

An intergenerational conflict is either a conflict situation between teenagers and adults or a more abstract conflict between two generations, which often involves prejudices against another generation. These can be caused by value shift or conflict of interest between younger and older generations.