What a Polish nurse?

In an Interview with explains Jacura’s managing Director, what are the advantages of the 24-hour care at home, what are the legal requirements to be fulfilled should be and answered the question of what a Polish nurse costs. The conversation from our side of Sebastian Leitner.

Mrs. Holsing, for our readers, please your company!

Jacura is a company that specializes in professional and legal mediation of Polish caregivers for the elderly in private households.

Was kostet eine polnische Pflegekraft?


Why do you plead for a 24-hour care at home?

Quite simply, the dependants will not be taken from their familiar home environment and can continue to participate in normal everyday life, what ill, in particular, for dementia, a support can be. In addition, friends of the patient, often with the nursing staff so that a Win-Win Situation for all individuals.

How does a mediation in Jacura, exactly?

We Jacura offer 24-hour care at home buyers – in General, carers from the first non-binding advice to always with advice and act to the side. We perform a professional analysis of the care situation, clarify needs and desires, matching Polish nurses, in the event of possible problems and questions, take care of all the necessary organizational measures and the legal things, such as. the A1 form.

Where we are in the case of a legal thing, it would be of interest, on what legal Basis the nurses used?

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We Jacura act solely in accordance with current legislation. We expressly distance ourselves from the mediation of self-employed nurses.

Jacura and his Partner in Poland, working exclusively according to the principle of the posted workers act, which has since 01.05.2004, in the context of the EU freedom to provide services in a absolutely legal way to employ staff from the respective country of origin. Who has a 24-hour nurse/supervisor legally, in return for a corresponding proof in the Form of the A1 form. But caution is necessary here, because many intermediaries and their partners to forge this form.

Of Jacura mediated nurses are in Eastern Europe, mostly Poland, employed by a contractor. The Partner is responsible for the legal transfer of all social security contributions and taxes in the foreign country. Of course, the tour nurses are our partners in health, social and liability insurance.

What about the working hours? 24 hours of no care force are working now, or?

Of course not. It is essential to mention that Polish nursing staff must not work around the clock. The possibilities of the leisure activities, the need for each nurse to be as well as regular work guaranteed, times.

What is a Polish care costs?

The monthly total cost for a Polish nurse to teach the skills and knowledge of German, as well as the actual care costs and the health Situation of the supervised Person. In the case of severe care situations, we advise, with at least good knowledge of German, as well as sufficient nursing experience.

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In the case of a care, and while domestic supplies of two people in the household, the costs increase by about 20 percent. In the total monthly taxes, social insurance contributions, health insurance costs are already included.

Also important is the compliance with the statutory minimum wage. To this end, we have a cost on our Website and a frequently-read articles and minimum wage for 24-hour care written.

As a rule of thumb, we can say that a Polish nurse with medium knowledge of German and experience in a care of a Person with a medium level of support effort will cost from about 2,000 to 2,200 euros per month.

In addition to these costs, the following positions are added mostly:

  • Board and lodging for the Polish 24-hour care force are free
  • Driving costs in the amount of approximately 120 to 150 Euro per arrival and departure of the care force
  • In dependence on the respective employment contract of the care force in Poland, in part, an additional holiday surcharge will be charged.

It is important to me to clarify that there is hardly a possibility of legal employment. For the Polish support force that is a relatively very good pay because they get between 1,000 to 1,400 euros net paid monthly, what is in comparison with approximately 400 Euro average salary in Poland very much. The Rest are taxes, social contributions, costs for our partners (personnel selection, etc.) and costs for the ongoing organization, emergency Hotline, and assessment of legal things.

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Thanks for the detailed presentation. How do the costs of the care power because in comparison to the old people’s home?

This is different. In General, it is first necessary to consider whether the care at home makes sense. Then, it is usually, of course, that care is preferred by nursing staff from Eastern Europe, in the four walls of their home.

In contrast to the placement in the home however, there is no direct state support for a 24-hour care. However, the care allowance may be used indirectly, and some tax aspects are positively inserted. As a home care is often cheaper than a place in the old home. The cost of a nursing home varies between around 2,500 Euro in Saxony-Anhalt, and about 4,000 euros in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Editors ‘ note: Under the following Link you find an Overview of the costs in the case of posting of a 24-hour carer.

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