wearing a lab coat medical for nurses

In hospitals, clinics as well as in all other hospitals, we saw always the nurses in their lab coat medical. That may be color white, blue, pink, green, or gray, wearing his overalls is compulsory. It allows the protection as well of the nurses that of their patients.

To limit infection

Wearing a gown is mandatory for nurses in hospitals. The color white is the most recommended to be more healthy as possible. According to a study conducted at the Shaare Zedek in Jerusalem, the blouse medical reduce the transmission of infection between the pharmacist, the patient and the visitors. During this study, samples were made on the pockets, sleeves and other parts of the blouse. According to the results of the study, a blouse, two contained bacterial germs. 40% blouses contaminated contained micro organism pathogens. While 10% had different bacteria.

Reduce or slow down the contamination

The study also revealed that the gowns of the nurses were more infected than those of physicians. To reduce the infection is a change daily the blouse medical is recommended. In fact, 29% gowns medical put for two days in a row are infected. And only 8% of those that are changed by a once-a-day are contaminated. To promote hospital hygiene, therefore, a change of uniform per day would be appropriate. Some researchers also explain that the blouses with short sleeves are the most practical to reduce the transmissions. But in this case, it is recommended to wash hands between visits from one patient to another.

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Le port d’une blouse médicale pour les infirmiers ou infirmières

The choice of the blouse

To be comfortable and free in his movements, he will have to choose a gown quite comfortable. The gown medical must therefore be short enough to avoid discomfort caused by the blouses are too long. To limit contamination, the hospitals also require the wearing of pants medical. It must also be flexible enough to facilitate the movements. A blouse with a V-neck is usually the most comfortable. But beyond all these technical aspects, the aesthetics should not be neglected. The gowns and uniforms of the personnel of the hospital are the first things that patients see. They reflect the image of the hospital.

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