We have a right to leisure in the layer service

Layer service – a working time model, which is inevitably connected with all the nursing professions. No matter whether in the aged care facility, hospital, or psychiatric group home. It will be worked seven days a week around the clock. Even in the case of outpatient care services, there are at least a nightly on-call service. Because the free days are worth a lot.

Layer of service is experienced differently by stressful

The work in shifts is necessary, but exhausting. How exhausting individual is different. There are nurses, which a certain service is easier. The early service seems to be the most popular, the night service is made up of many like that. Now would but colleagues intended to contradict, the only night service or offers, if you have many late services.

The load-carrying capacity decreases with age?

This is now formulated in a really very provocative. I want. so the Generation 50+ in any case under 30 weakness or the Generation of a particular strength In my time as station management, I was the address for Feedback to the service plan. It was headed by the senior colleagues even in the age of the main argument, to be so resilient. – most of the time with the request connected to the need to work shifts. The younger colleagues, however, have criticized the less the loads. Only the reasons were different. But also the willingness to exert themselves for the employer, seems to be in the younger generations is lower. Technically, this Generation is just as dedicated, and highly motivated.

“My belongs to me!” – A Slogan becomes a reality

This is the title of a ver.di-campaign, which calls the reliability of the planned days off. If due to illness of staff fails, it must be ensured representation, because the work in nursing areas may not remain. In such cases, colleagues will be asked, on days off to fill in. As compensation, you get free other days are the unplanned hours of pay. Nevertheless, the intervention of the guarantor for the Rescheduling of private life, which causes Stress.

What I find really interesting: The younger members have to say, in my experience, more often “no” to step into the breach. You provide better for yourself and your needs, what is in the present time is sorely needed. As a result of the increasing workload, breaks are always important, and even burn out. Rights calls for vehement. This includes rights regarding working hours.

And now? As with the Differences?

The self-awareness of his rights, to stand up, to take care of first. To discuss the reasons in detail is beyond the scope of this. But the caring professions were in Germany until the second half of the 20th century. Century to offer as a vocation with social pressure. To change such deep-seated settings, it takes time. In this case, several generations.

Between experienced colleagues and beginners a age difference of more than 40 years sometimes. This always leads to tensions that require all Parties to approach one another and to develop understanding for each other. This is also one of the challenges in the nursing profession.

Photo: Katharina Voss