vocational schools for paramedic education and training for Caregivers

Berufsfachschulen für Rettungssanitäter-Ausbildung und mit Fortbildungen für PflegendeA friend who works in Mönchengladbach, as a paramedic, I became on the many vocational schools the attention of the training and further training for paramedics/inside offer. The rescue service-school Med Ecole. Because I wanted to know a little more about such schools, I googled a bit and researched.

In my opinion, friend is that he destroys the time from the OJ to the beginning of the medical studies with the work as paramedics. This is an often used option, if the Abischnitt is not enough for a medical study and it is felt, therefore, () a few dozen waiting semester time, and has targeted to distribute time. Since I have no experience, I could at the Med Ecole, for example. training to be a paramedic. That would cost me 860 Euro, and then, if I understand the info on the website is correct, again 360 euros for the additional examination. For a reasonable amount I would be able to so complete, like the website, very good training. The photos definitely show that the Med Ecole has good facilities for the Exercises:

Berufsfachschulen für Rettungssanitäter-Ausbildung und mit Fortbildungen für Pflegende

By the way, what, for you, is certainly largely experienced professional is may be of interest: The vocational school is currently seeking lecturers for anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology and pre-clinical emergency medicine. Maybe it is Yes for one or the other of you, the reads from Kiel to my Blog, an interesting possibility?

Back to the actual topic of my blog, namely, the care: I saw on the website that there are also courses that are intended, among other things, for the nursing staff. Of course listen to the spectacular name of “Advanced Life Support” and includes, among other things, “airway management,” which is of course also required in nursing homes from time to time.