vocational school day for fresh-baked apprentices

The year 2017 is going to end and if this post is online, in 2018 already begun. It’s high time to draw a conclusion. Today was my last official workday for this year. Only I. in a course in the second year of the apprenticeship, the training in health and nursing supervised an exam on the subject of psychiatric nursing and psychiatric diseases, to have to watch a movie The should round off the topic of psychiatry, was not good at all. The main reason was that the trainees of the section to be unprofessional appeared. Fortunately, the whole year was not so.

One of my personal projects, for example, the change in the cardiology and the educational center for the health professions is already read in other posts. A lot of new and, therefore, present the training at the beginning of my first course. Ultimately, the 26 trainees of the health – and sick care on 1. November on the introduction of days participated, by whose preparations I reported in my last post.

The pressure to survive the test of time

The initial questions to the basic information concerning the training in the health – and sick care were quickly replaced by questions about the content of the Training. The pressure on trainees to stand the test of time, what with an average of better than 3.5 in the case, was to feel again and again. This grade average is calculated from the ratings of the stations, where in the first half of the year the practice assignments are made, and the six exams will be written within the first two school blocks.

Now the trainees of my course were with me just at the beginning of the first theory block. The first exam was only after four weeks. Learn in advance just at the beginning of the training difficult, and so all had to wait until the appropriate lesson content had been taught. In the first exam, it went for about 45 minutes to Microbiology and hospital hygiene. The excitement of the retreat, the premiere was particularly large.

Three exams before Christmas

Time to breathe after the written exam so as. Before Christmas, two exams were written. Both times over 90 minutes. One dealt with the natural Sciences. She has taken care of by the special Knowledge of what was on the cell and its anatomy is necessary for a lot of uncertainty and fears. The exam is in the care of scientific issues have been requested, on the one hand opposite a more relaxed-looking. However, the timetable between the last two exams left only a learning time of five days.

Learning in health and nursing

Over these first seven weeks of School, I get very different feedback from the trainees. Depending on how used the Learning was from the school, or other similar activities, the exam preparation some easier and others more difficult. This was so see also the results of the first work. The further results are pending and will be announced at the beginning of the new year.

A slip does not mean the end of

As a course Director and Person who has even made in the same training centre your training, I can only say that a bad performance in an exam is not the end of the trial period. Often a bad result with a good result in one of the remaining five exams balancing. It becomes difficult only when the other notes are good. At the time I wrote my second exam in a four, what has me confused at the Moment, but just through the other results that could be compensated. I wish the trainees, who are now in a similar Situation, also.

Photo: Unsplash / Davidson Luna