Typical words of a shift worker: No, because I have night duty…

Health and nursing takes place in the layer service. Everyone who is in my profession, is aware of this fact and knew, even before his career choice. There are very few areas in nursing where it is not so. This fact presents us with major challenges again. Ultimately, a majority of nurses are still women. Shift work and family life difficult.

In another blog post I had written about the challenge to create a service plan. Today I want to tell you of my perception of the layer of service. This has changed in the last few years.

My entry into the health – and sick care

Since my start in the health – and sick care I work in shifts. Personally, I had never a Problem. It was always a matter of course. I found it neither as a positive nor as a negative. It was not like that. Over the years, I have found, though, that the shift work is stressful. There are a variety of scientific Work clearly demonstrate that shift work is especially conducive to health. It is only once also of secondary importance whether one speaks about the health and nursing or other professions with Late – night work. Complicates the planning with family and friends. Typically you always Late or a night duty, when it comes to joint ventures. The friends are planning a Meet? Of course, my service is the weekend… these are The classic experiences of a shift worker.

How’s the family?

In spite of the layer service, my life went on. My wife was working in the rule service, but we came to an arrangement. When my son was born, changed the requirements – but with a lot of fixing and a bit of planning, this was to create. Granted my wife has made most of the compromises.

However, I found increasingly that I felt the shift. The constant exchange between the layers has led me to a chronic fatigue – but everything is still in the budget area. Through my career and make my way to the station management, I got back to a more regular service plan. I was still in all the layers, tried but so often it is plan was to be in time present. A prerequisite to as a station line.

Arrived in time

Now I’m for some time been head of Department for the Intensive care unit. Since then, I am suddenly completely in the control service, and feel “trapped”. One to two week background service, otherwise my hours of work are – at least theoretically – between 8:00 and 16:00 from Monday to Friday. For me, as a Layer in the field can actually be a dream! I had desired me frequently. The longer I work, the more I miss my old shift. Because he not only has disadvantages, it also has many advantages.

The advantages of the layer service

Doctor Appointments, Artisans, Workshop-Dates? I didn’t know how hard it can be to organize something! In the layer of the service I could want me again and again for more than two days on weekdays, or to the doctor’s opening hours, or later, plan now I no longer have this game room. In the morning, sleep in and then go to the late service? After the morning service the afternoon of the day enjoy? Still time for the family, or just for purchases? Not so easy possible. Shifts also flexible! Today I go in the Winter in the dark to work and go home in the dark. I’m at home, the day is already almost over.

I can’t say for me only, that you always long for what. As a rule, service is great! I’m not a long time so tired as I was before. However, I miss the layer service. He has made me free in my planning and I was able to coordinate many appointments much better. Ultimately, it is a matter of preference. It certainly fits for everyone and particularly families with many challenges – but the shift also has lots of advantages.

Photo: Unsplash / Robert Katzki

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