training in health care: prospects for better conditions in the future

Ausbildung Krankenpflege:  Aussichten auf bessere Arbeitsbedingungen in der ZukunftA recent PwC study demonstrates that 2030 is the absolute state of emergency in the health and care sector, Mr, missing us this time, more than 400,000 full-time workers, if it goes on as before. Of just under 330,000 forces in the field of geriatric and nursing care are affected. And so is us, which is already longer the speech is, at once aware that It must urgently change something Fundamental, so that we are not in age to us alone. Proposals for more attractive working conditions with higher salaries are already available and will be negotiated.

Already in 2011, the number of trainees is increased in the elderly by about 20% compared to the previous year, and we hope that we will be able to register in the future, an increase in the graduates of this highly interesting and varied training.

Trained geriatric nurses and geriatric nurses care for elderly people who need their help. They deal with them, help with everyday errands and take care of the medical – nursing care.

As the old nurse in you. his work in hospitals, rehabilitation and care clinics, nursing and old people’s homes, or in the case of outpatient services Optionally, you can also work as a nourishing care in various care services, facilities for people with disabilities, or counselling services for seniors.

The training consists of two Parts: first, you learn theoretical knowledge within a vocational school for elderly care, on the other, the acquired knowledge will be applied in practice in aged care facilities, and improved. Training in the field of nursing typically takes three years. It will be taught during the content, how to learn States of health to make a correct assessment of the important steps of First aid, basic knowledge of medications, nutrition, and mental foundations. This is just a small insight into this extensive and very exciting training.

Ausbildung Krankenpflege:  Aussichten auf bessere Arbeitsbedingungen in der ZukunftThe new training course directory offers a comprehensive directory of training courses of various kinds. Here you can learn more about professional image, activity, and what are the requirements for a prospective Trainee should bring. Furthermore, you will find information on training duration, content, and earning potential. For example, the Portal provides information on training to become a geriatric nurse:

We wish you lots of success for the entry into the professional world and appeal to it, the current low level of nursing staff is actively counteract!

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