Too much medication !


Today, let’s go out a few figures and statistics various to brighten up our day. And why not then talk about the number of capsules that you can swallow each day ? What we all know, is that in France we are the champions of the consumption of drugs.

How many of you take medications and I will tell you who you are.

Did you know, however, that beyond five capsules to be swallowed each day, you increase the potential risk of accident drug ? And did you also know that our seniors (over 80 years) in “ believing suckers ” in an average of 10 per day ?

It is known that since 2011 (data of the DREES), the consumption has increased by 2.4%, explained by the consumption of the elderly. It is the hospital Georges-Pompidou , which reveals that 90%(huge as a number, non ?) the elderly consume more than 10 medicines a day, which also represents an average of 5 classes of different therapeutic absorbed daily. To tell the truth, it is not known explained this excessive consumption, no justification is given. According to some specialists, this practice is dangerous. Include the Pr Olivier Saint-Jean, head of the department of the hospital Georges-Pompidou , which says : “beyond three or four molecules taken as a whole, we do not know too much metabolism, that is to say, how to react. And, above all, from five drugs, the risk of accident drug significantly increases. “. In the Face of all this, we know now that the percentage of risk of accidents, drug in the elderly is likely to surpass 80% after 80 years.

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But is this new all of this, because according to an ancient survey of Celtipharm July, 340 000 French of 70 years and older consume more than 10 different medications each month. Between the 1st July 2012 and 30 June 2013, pharmacists were presented with an order of ten with more than five different drugs.

We know, however, that the health Insurance (CNAMTS) and the High authority of health (HAS) have already denounced the excesses in the elderly in particular through the abusive use of sleeping pills. And still according to the health Insurance, exposure to medications is in average 7 months ! In order to be effective, these products may not be taken for more than a maximum of 30 days, beyond that, they can lead to addiction to the product, risk balance, and therefore falls, and memory problems.

So what to do ? Denounce the doctors writing in two pages of order ? The pharmacists delivering the full bags of drugs ? The lobby of the pharmaceutical companies ? On that type apart from always the same ? How to say also that some have yet to need their drugs to the views of multiple pathologies at the age of 80 ?

I have no answer but to hand out surveys, however useful alerting them to the problems of the time, why not do anything behind ?

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Which of you is going to see the ordinance of the grand-mother or grand-father ?