tips in hot weather

The most important thing, what to look for in hot weather (no matter whether old or young) is that you have to pay attention to a sufficient liquid supply. For refreshing light clothing and (cold water) and chilled towels, which you put over the forehead and / or hand joints. You can also “cold” water for the hand joints. Important to note would be that the water should not be colder than 7°C below the body temperature, as the cycle of weak people, otherwise, to shock – like Trembling- The quick temperature difference can not be tolerated. Alternatively, you can also take a foot bath (also cooled).

As the drinks a good with low calories, such as mineral water, tea (preferably without caffeine), and chilled drinks from a mini fridge. These kind of refrigerators are too cold and are the bottles very well for beverage cans or small drinks. Just when you are out on the road. Drinks from a freezer can not cope with stomach pain and diarrhea. You don’t want to do without the “ice-cold” water ice.

In addition to adequate hydration and light clothing, one should not forget the skin protection and constantly with sunscreen lotion. Also, in particular, children and the elderly should wear a hat. Who can’t stand the sun (when we get up in a, for example, is dizzy), you should stay größteils in the shade.

I wish a beautiful summer!