Tips for choosing the best health insurance

With the financial problems that have health insurance today, it is difficult not to consider a supplementary insurance scheme and healthcare in order to reduce the costs which must come out directly from the pocket of patients. The mutual healths are there to help people that health insurance can’t help further. And mutual healths, there are masses. It is necessary to take into account several criteria in order to wear his choice on a good entity from a mutual.

The primary criteria

The first thing that attracts when it comes to choosing something complementary, it is the price. The different entities offering the service of complementary healthcare are many and offer different rates. It is therefore necessary, in the first place, focus on this criterion. People will tend to go to organizations proposing the membership fee is the lowest. However, a fee, as defying all competition, does not imply that the service provided, in case of a problem, challenge also the competition.

In addition to fees to provide so, it will be necessary to query the entity on the services and the reimbursement rates that it offers. In other words, it is necessary to take into account the rate of repayment, the fixed contribution in case of hospitalization and other.

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The additional criteria

The additional services offered by the mutual chosen must also be taken into account. A mutual health may propose in its additional services to make available to a household in case of hospitalization, a school support in a hospital environment or other services. Also, it is important to ensure that the waiting period is not too high in the case of chronic illness or permanent soliciting materials, medical length of time ; reimbursement of glasses for example. In addition, it is necessary to inform on the conditions that the mutual takes into account. In fact, some entities are offered the right to refuse to plead certain pathologies. Contact a caisse primaire d’assurance maladie can be an option in order to compare better the various friendly societies, which are open to all.