Tinnitus : Causes and Solutions

Tinnitus can occur at any age, although they appear most of the time after 45 years. It is important to note the difference between the tinnitus from pathologies or diseases, to those from a trauma or impact to the sound.

Tinnitus is a hearing impairment which may, in the long run, disrupt your everyday life and prove to be unbearable.

Characteristics of tinnitus

It is a hearing impairment characterized by :

  • Ringing in the ears
  • Perceptions of high-pitched sounds continuously or intermittently
  • Perceptions of hearing your heart beat
  • Noises or rattling seen
  • Headaches

The Causes of tinnitus

Tinnitus may affect people exposed to noise and cause trauma to the hearing device such as hearing loss. The people listening to the music regularly and too hard are often the subject of tinnitus, as have the people not protecting their ears (in the workplace, concert or other noisy environment).

Finally, pathologies/diseases such as Meniere’s disease or Otitis media, may also develop hearing problems including tinnitus. The inflammation related to noise trauma or physical can also cause tinnitus.

It may also be due to spasm of a muscle of the ear in rare cases.

Hearing disorders caused by tinnitus

In all cases, the tinnitus we are heard buzzing and whistling, even while the environment around us is silent or not loud. These hearing disorders are made are produced by the brain and it can happen that tinnitus is the cause of dizziness or hearing problems seriously affecting heavily on the quality of life, and hearing every day.

Same if the tinnitus are not directly hazardous to health, they may in the long term, cause mood swings, difficulty concentrating, irritability, or even in very rare cases influence the mental state and lead to depression.

Fortunately, solutions exist to treat tinnitus, and in most cases, an improvement is clearly visible (more than 90% of the time this is the case). It is very important to quickly see the symptoms to be able to go to a specialist and treat the tinnitus to not knowing of the harmful consequences on our daily lives, and most importantly protect their ears in the course of business, or if it is in a noisy environment, wearing earplugs or moving away / limiting its exposure.

Tinnitus acting on the brain, and linked to the muscles and auditory nerves, it is sometimes recommended to turn to therapy to be able to remedy this evil, and especially in prevention if tinnitus begins or if it is tinnitus.

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to consult a specialist in the hearing such as an ENT doctor or visit a hearing centre near you.