time-tested home remedies and the helpers of nature – the handle to medication is not always necessary

Tried and tested home remedies and the helpers of nature – the handle to medication is not always necessary

In the previous article, we reported about holistic methods of healing. As a replacement or as a Supplement to conventional drugs and conventional medicine, they are often a good solution. So can occur with your help already at slight physical discomfort relief and quality of life can be improved. Nevertheless, it is important to make sure of how severe the degree of the disease. Because in the case of life-threatening diseases, you can’t get around drugs. The complaints, however, are easier, there is also the possibility here to help with simple Tricks from the budget and the nature.

The origin of home remedies

Home remedies are for centuries known and are passed down from the generations. Previous cultures used plants and components for internal and external medical care. Philosophers such as Hippocrates recognized the healing properties of air, water, heat, and mud. In the last years the Trend goes back to the tried and true home remedies – whether for colds, stomach complaints, muscle tension or injury. The most holistic and gentle therapies can be with just a few hand movements applied. And the Best part: they are time-efficient and rarely have side effects.

Typical Diseases Of Old Age

The immune system ages with the people. Therefore, it is not surprising that seniors are more susceptible to diseases and infect. Among the typical diseases of old age heart disease, Diabetes, incontinence, cancer, eye diseases, Parkinson’s disease, joint and bone diseases, dementia, Diabetes Mellitus, and depression. It is clear that in the case of serious diseases such as cancer and dementia have no cure by the power of Plants can be expected, however, relief of symptoms, if you tolerate the other drugs.

Susceptibility to infections with home remedies lower

You prone to infections such as coughs, colds, sore throat, fever, and fatigue, can cause these little helpers are already miracle. Clearly a well-balanced diet with plenty of vitamins, infections prevent, it needs rest and nutrients, and adequate exercise. But the first signs are felt to have proven to horseradish pads for the nose. In the case of a runny nose and clogged sinuses eucalyptus-Citrus-Oil helps. It frees the Airways and provides relief. For cough you can make a syrup to loosen the phlegm and expel the Scratching in the throat. Just an onion, chop it in sugar, honey or maple syrup and water and bring to a boil. In the case of infections teas such as Linden blossoms and elder leaf are true miracle cure. Optimally, at night before sleeping to drink go, to stimulate the Sweat secretion of the body and you from sweating, therefore, all Sick.

With Magnesium for high blood pressure

One of the most well-known cardiovascular disease, hypertension. However, do not always have recourse for the same drugs. A helpful home remedy is Magnesium. The vessels expand and the pressure from the veins is distributed faster. Magnesium also counteracts the calcification of the vessels and gives the blood a light flow. In addition to effervescent tablets from the drugstore, also contain wheat bran, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, peanuts and oatmeal a lot of Magnesium. An effect similar to Aspirin has also diluted Apple cider vinegar, with water. The diluted blood flows faster and relieves the heart. As a long-term treatment, you can take Apple cider vinegar in the morning on an empty stomach. Two teaspoon of vinegar mixed with a glass of water.

Pumpkin seeds help with incontinence

The reason for a weak bladder and weak muscles, can be the age, but also a bacterial infection. Frequent inflammations of the urinary tract promote incontinence. So, in some foods, such as cranberries or Cranberries, contain substances that kill bacteria. Either you should you drink a pure food or juice. We recommend muesli for Breakfast, which is enriched with pumpkin seeds, oats, and Cranberries. Especially pumpkin seeds reduce urge urinary. With two hands per day, you can cover the needs. In addition, also salads with parsley and dandelion help. The contained bitter substances inhibit also the constant urge. In spite of incontinence, it is important to. Still mineral water is the best to use.

Movement against joint pain

Joint pain is uncomfortable and often affect the quality of life. In spite of the pain, movement is important. A conservation exacerbates often the state. But with spices that are found in every kitchen Cabinet, the pain can be alleviated. For example, with nutmeg. They not only taste in food, but also helps body mixed with a skin cream the pain. If necessary, the application can be repeated up to three times a day. Better still, a mixture of cumin, nutmeg and coriander. Taken orally it reduces the discomfort significantly, and can even help to reduce pain medications. Although these spices are not able to make the wear of the undo, but on the basis of the sharpness effect on the affected areas anti-inflammatory and analgesic. As well as proved to be the RUB with cumin and argan oil. Several times a day to the affected area and RUB in, as an improvement soon. The painful area with Oil and RUB in, some plastic wrap and wrap for two hours or allow to soak in.

As you can see, is not always a medication is necessary. For complaints of any kind, there are suitable plants, herbs and spices. But to enumerate all would here is beyond the scope of.

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