The virtual Die on the Internet

The virtual Die on the net is usually a lot harder and more complicated than the physical Die of the people, because you have to quit in the world wide web more contracts than you know of his deceased relatives.

I would like to address here on the network activities of people such as Profiles in Social Networks, eMail addresses, and im Accounts. Not infrequently, the members of the access data and passwords of their deceased fellow men know, and therefore no cancellation can make. Passwords there are, so that unauthorized persons come to any unauthorized data, however, it is recommended that a deletion or termination of profiles of deceased persons, as these are usually unlimited. Without such a notice, or a cancellation request formerly uploaded media like photos, Videos, texts and more can be commented on still and / or even reprimanded.

So something like this does not happen and the survivors as little work as possible behind, should you decide in due time what should be done with the whole data. You either inherited them OR to ensure that they are deleted. Personally, I would rather be for the latter, unless it is a heritage for the care blogger blog ?

  1. First, it is advisable to make a list of which networks you the Name and Internet address of the Provider, as well as the registrats of the Domain, if the Provider should cease to exist) is registered, or where it has stored logged on to his e-mail address and / or its web pages, and “rented” (. In addition, you should write behind the respective listing the exact access data and, if possible, to keep up to date.
  2. Who wants to be on the safe side, should the memberships in the respective Communities, as well as the contracts with providers during the lifetime cancel.
  3. As a third Alternative, it is worth to prepare in advance “notices of termination”, to terminate the Erasure in Social Networks and to terminate the web sites and pages, etc. This can then be sent to the members along with a copy of the death certificate to the respective addresses via the classic postal service.

Important: As a rule of thumb is that not everyone will contract immediately with the death ending. Usually you only have 14 days of such dismissals, as a third party. Even if the privacy goes out the law with the death of a human being, often a lot of providers / Provider landscape, the access data to the bereaved. Therefore, a confirmation of the death of a certain Person (death certificate) is very important – Otherwise, Anyone could delete any Accounts of any person ?

Final conclusion: anyone Who does not timely care, lives are often longer than one would like…