The various medical devices that a doctor should have

Every day, a doctor, especially a gp, is facing a variety of situations. Indeed, patients who consult doctors each have their own problems quite distinct. Each case requires an intervention. Depending on the type of disease or the degree of the infection, the doctor defines the kind of treatment appropriate for the patient. To do this, it is necessary that the general practitioner has the appropriate equipment for each situation. Its tools must also be of high quality. After all, that would be a good doctor without good hardware ?

Les différents matériels médicaux qu’un médecin doit avoir

Consultation tools

When a patient enters a medical office, there are three parameters that the physician should always take into account, regardless of the cause of the coming of the sick. Actually, the doctor needs to take the weight, temperature and blood pressure of the patient. The third parameter is not required for individuals under 16 years of age. The weight measured using a balance allows the doctor to perform the dosage of the medication to prescribe. In fact, in order for a remedy to act, there is a minimum value called the threshold that must be reached.

Then, the dosage of a treatment for a person of 40 kg will differ from that of a person of 80 kg. The thermometer, used to assess the level and temperature of a patient, is used to know the presence or not of fever on the patient. For the adults, but especially the elderly, it remains of paramount importance to know the value of his blood pressure with a sphygmomanometer. Despite the fact that there are symptoms to recognize that the voltage of an individual has decreased or increased, it is necessary to know its exact value. In addition, there are some medicines that a patient whose blood pressure is high can’t eat, and vice versa.

Care tools

The work of a general practitioner includes all the parameters of medicine. He made a first observation of a case. For those with a weight problem, the doctor will use a scale.

This tool allows you to know the value of the fat mass of a person. This helps in the treatment of gout, diabetes, and other diseases related to being overweight. To disinfect wounds and infections, the doctor mainly uses alcohol or Betadine, band-aids, cotton, that is to say, the equipment of first aid. He also uses needles for vaccinations and injections. In his intervention, the physician must to preserve the cleanliness and integrity of its devices with care.

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