The roles of the nurse in emergency

When patients are admitted to the hospital in the emergency department, the proficiency and speed of medical professionals can make the difference between life or death. In this sense, a nurse, an emergency physician has an important place and a lot of responsibility in this medical service. Because it must provide care to patients of all ages who are in situations of medical emergency varied, ranging from sore throats to heart attacks. In this article, you can find an overview on this profession.

How to become a nurse in emergency ?

It is important to clarify that there is no specialization nurse emergency physician in France, unlike other countries. To be able to work in the emergency department, the nurse must be holder OF diploma or degree Status. The training approach is the greatest nurse in emergency and whose competences are the most adequate is that of nurse anesthetist (IADE).

This last is the most appropriate for being a nurse at the SAMU (Service d’aide Médicale Urgente), or the SMUR (Service Mobile Emergency and Resuscitation). But, there are many universities which offer training courses for getting university degrees ” Nursing Care in Emergency Medicine “. This type of training allows you to learn how to deal with emergency situations and to work in a team.

Les rôles de l’infirmier urgentiste

That must make this type of nurse ?

A nurse, or a nurse, emergency physician and his team must be able to cope in many situations. Which may include the diseases, but also injuries due to accidents (home or road) or crimes (gunshot wounds, knife). In some situations they may be faced with cases of poisoning, and increases in fevers, bone fractures, or episodes of asthma.

Les rôles de l’infirmier urgentiste

In addition, the nurse must also treat people of all backgrounds, or of different ages, without distinctions. This may include children, senior citizens, men or women. This medical professional must be able to assess quickly and accurately each of the patients, for which it is responsible. While determining the degree of priority, which are those that require medical attention and care more significant. For example, even if a child is admitted in the first due to trauma to the arm, an injured person and unconscious will be a priority.

The required capabilities

In the company of his team, the nurse paramedic is to stabilize a patient who is in a critical condition. It must also ensure that this condition does not deteriorate. In this sense, it must possess the skills to perform medical procedures, or be familiar with them, which can include intravenous infusion, administration of medication and blood transfusion.

It may also be necessary to perform basic first aid such as cardiac massage or mouth-to – mouth. It is also likely to be faced with cases where it is necessary to perform an intubation, a tracheotomy, suture, childbirth, or the immobilization of fractured limbs. It is also recommended that nurses accident and emergency doctors to have knowledge relative to the interpretation of electrocardiograms and x-rays.

In addition, this profession requires the ability to be able to cope physically and mentally, in an environment of very difficult work. Because it is sometimes necessary to work long hours in a stressful environment. Due to the fact that the nurse is sought out by many patients and it may be exposed to different types of pathogens.

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