the role of The staff in retirement homes

That are either in retirement homes or in long-term care facilities (Accommodation Facilities for Dependent Elderly People), the medical staff is an integral part of the functioning of these institutions. Beyond the medical equipment that we can find today in the retirement homes, it is above all the quality of the personnel that will improve the stay of the resident.

The medical team

Within a retirement home or long-term care FACILITY, there are several medical categories combined.

It may be that one or several general practitioners are present, depending on the size of the retirement home. In general there is a supervising physician who coordinates the medical team. It also ensures the consistency of the care in checking the health status of each new patient and it is he who ensures the coordination of the medical follow-up.

Le rôle du personnel dans les maisons de retraiteThere are also stakeholders of the sector paramedical : nurses or health aides, for example, but also dieticians, physiotherapists, podiatrists, and other specialties. Each facility may have different specialists.

The nurses provide the different care and care of the medication prescribed by the doctor. In the daily life of the school, the nurse supervises health care aides, themselves responsible for personal care, well-being and daily follow up of the patients as meal.

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The care assistants and nurses meet basic needs, that is why the link between patient and caregiver is of paramount importance. Observation and empathy are essential qualities for this job, it is also necessary to have a good relationship with the elderly.

We note the presence of professionals from the medico-social sector such as aids medico-psychological (AMP), psychologists or carers. These staff provide valuable assistance to residents who thus gain in autonomy. They are also the link between the medical corps, the family and the patient himself.

It is three medical corps are working hand in hand to improve the lives of residents. Every speaker who could see the state of health of the patient. In addition, time of transmissions have been put in place to promote the exchange of information between each body medical.

Secondary stakeholders

It is important for you to learn about your future retirement home to find out if the staff depends on the institution, or it makes use of external personnel, in which case it could cost you a lot more expensive, external stakeholders, often leading to additional charges.

In general, the whole administrative part is managed by a secretary or an accountant working directly for the institution or as an intervener external.

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Regarding the maintenance of the premises and the guest rooms, the establishment may appeal to hospital workers in order to alleviate the tasks of the medical stakeholders.

It may also be that the institution understands pharmacy in-house, in this case it is a pharmacist who will manage the supply of drugs.

A night shift is always in place in the organization, and a general practitioner must be able to travel to any hour of the night, in the place of residence to be able to intervene.


The nursing staff must always be attentive to the needs of people being cared for. They play a vital role from the making of the meal, passing by the body care, but also by setting up fun activities for the residents.

This promotes general human relationships and help the most fragile people to invest in their retirement home.

The nursing staff may very well appeal to a host outside and participate in the activities offered in which offer themselves to other animations.

That is either a lottery, activities around music, dance, or even set up clubs in and around leisure more targeted, it is important to stimulate the life in the retirement home.

In 2008 there was a change in the quality of life in nursing homes with activities more varied, more staff to listen and above all a freedom of choice for residents.

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