The right Solarium tubes

In today’s society, the Demand grows according to a well-groomed appearance and a fresh, beautiful complexion constantly. The artificial sun from the Solarium is the Alternative. In addition to a beautiful tan, the sun in the Solarium, but also a lot of positive effects. The UVB-component in the artificial sunlight produced enough Vitamin D for many metabolic processes. A lack of Vitamin D weakens not only the Immunsytem, but also the bones. The artificial sun is all the rage. Among other things, you can be just in the dark and cold Season well against the occurring depression set in.

Anyone who owns a private Solarium or a face Tanner, you are probably familiar with the Problem to find the right Solarium tubes. Tubes don’t last forever, and they differ depending on the manufacturer in the life. Often, the tubes cannot be exchanged due to a Defect, but rather due to a lack of radiation intensity. At first glance, the selection of the right Solarium tube seems to be not so easy. Solariumroehren24 distributes well over 700 different Solarium tubes of about 10 different manufacturers. The Online store became the Largest of its kind in Germany. Solariumroehren24 pays special attention to safety and quality of its products. Because of this, Solariumroehren24 Shop sources its products only in selected top manufacturers.

Advantages of some of the tips manufacturer

Bermuda Gold

Solarium tubes of Bermuda Gold based on the long mount technology. As a result, the cooling of each tube is optimized and improved. An improved service life and optimum tanning results. The service life of Bermuda Gold tubes have been increased about 1000 hours.


With the future of UV technologies is the ergo line for years. With regular ground-breaking innovations, such as in the tanning power, energy efficiency and application safety to the line improved, ergo tanning beds. Safety and quality are in the foreground. All the solariums of Ergoline carry the GS mark for tested safety. Due to modern production methods and elaborate controls in the production, the quality of the ergo line is guaranteed products.

Dr. Core

Another top manufacturer Dr. Kern. He belongs to the Günther group, this stands for safety and quality. The continuous success of the company lies in its products to growth markets in a timely manner and in a targeted manner. The Dr-core product range is based on the requirements of the international customers.

Choosing the right Solarium tubes

Choosing the right Solarium tube does not seem easy. Selection criteria are not only the manufacturer and wattage, are also a decisive factor Base and the length are, as well as the UVB portion of the tube. Solariumroehren24 helps its customers in the proper selection, among other things, with product recommendations. Here it must be decided whether there should be a strong, medium or weak Solarium tube. In addition, the product Service for any questions. This allows you to easily reach by E-mail or a free Hotline.

In addition, you should first inform yourself about your skin type. People react depending on the type of skin differently to natural and artificial sunlight. Solariumroehren24 determine provides you with sufficient information in order to your skin type.

New Anti-Aging Collagen Solarium Tubes

To taste can also be when replacing the tubes, Collagen Anti-Aging tubes installed. You don’t look with their pink color is just super, but have a unique Anti-Aging effect. The Collagen tubes fight to a natural White the causes of skin aging. The light of this Solarium tubes is taken up by the fibroblasts and stimulates the formation of Collagen, Elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Scientific studies have shown that skin cells regenerate up to 200 percent faster when treated with Collagen lamps. A major cause of skin aging, skin is, the diminishing nutrient supply to the upper. This is from the Reach of the 25. Year of life back. A poor and uneven complexion is the result. In addition, the content of Collagen per year of life drops to an average of 1 percent. Reduced cell regeneration eventually leads to a loss of moisture and ultimately lead to unsightly wrinkles.

Since Collagen is the main filling material of the connective tissue, have this Solarium tubes, the popular Anti-Aging effect. They were specially designed to counteract the developed to of skin aging.

These and many other Solarium tubes you will get at the