The reimbursement of nursing home care is it well supported ?

After a hospitalization, the care may continue at home. But the presence of professionals remains crucial. This is why it is important to know the essential points on the reimbursement of nursing home care. Until where can go to support social security ?

What are the necessary conditions for a refund ? How to reduce the remains to support heavy weights and how does your mutual ? With devisman, you might find a mutual which pays for itself and you will receive the best possible care for your nursing home care.

The nursing home

A long-term medical condition can lead to the need of care at home. These are made by nurses at home. It may include simple monitoring, dressings, withdrawals, follow-up of pregnancy…

The home care are very different services from nursing care at home or SSIAD that are particularly intended for senior citizens over 60 years of age and to persons under 60 years of age with disabilities or chronic illnesses.

They have for main objective to assist older people to avoid their loss of autonomy , or be hospitalized to cope with the return home after a hospitalization. These benefits may be of short or long duration depending on the condition and needs of the patient and they can be obtained only on medical prescription.

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The reimbursement of nursing home care by the social security

The health insurance reimburses the health care in-home nursing on a basis of 60% of the tariff convention, the exceedances of fees excluded. This support is not sufficient for seniors who have a purchasing power reduced, but the needs of care of health important. These exceedances of fees can be a heavy load for them.

This is why it is important to make a careful choice on the mutual health, which will be capable of completing a maximum of these rebates and get a coverage sufficient with the levels of coverage rates. All the more that the nurses who perform the treatments are workers ‘ liberals who can decide freely on their fees.

This can have a great influence on the exceedances of fees. However, it is to be noted that the nursing home is reimbursed at 100% in the case of a long-term medical condition after obtaining a prior agreement.

Find a mutual for an optimal coverage on the nursing home

To compensate for the holes of refunds of the security social, it is therefore essential to find a mutual will reimburse the leftovers to the charge for the nursing home.

As each has its own specific needs in terms of coverage and that the needs of a senior are not similar to an adult given that the risk of disease increases with age, opt for a contract tailored to your state of health .

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Go through a comparator before choosing your insurance, you could well benefit from the best warranties and coverage with premiums affordable.

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