The proper care insurance policy – but how?

Die richtige Pflegeversicherung finden – aber wie?Legal nursing care insurance with the potential for high costs

“A care insurance? I thought the topic would be dealt with by the statutory long-term care insurance…“ or So many people at some point have to rely on their – mostly legal – care insurance, and their families surprised. This is because, unlike in health insurance, on whose services many people are the same instructed several times in the year, the statutory nursing care insurance as part of the German social insurance, especially when almost nothing works.

To be at this point many people are taken by surprise by the achievements of the legal nursing care insurance. As has been shown, is the statutory nursing care insurance, the scope of their services relating to the Hartz-IV-set of the Executive salaries and is often sufficient for what can be euphemistically as a basic backup. Now it hits mostly first own savings, and later the assets of the members.

Well care insurance: Targeted to compare

Do not let it come in the first place, you should think in addition to the statutory nursing care insurance via the completion of an additional private policy. This has not been proven, to just trust the first offer, but to scan the market thoroughly and to use a comparison for long-term care insurers.

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Die richtige Pflegeversicherung finden – aber wie?Basic information such as gender, date of birth, the profession and the desired days of care money should be enough already. While the first three are relatively self-explanatory, it is especially important during the nursing days money a closer look: This is the amount of financial benefits paid in the case of the occurrence of the need for care every day from the insurance company. Of particular importance are two points here:

  • Contracts, which provide for an amount of equal to or more than twenty euros per day as a maintenance day the money will be subsidised by the government.
  • Care daily money Insured should not be in the wrong place stingy: about 20 Euro per day may seem a lot, however, in the light of the in the case of a permanent severe disability incurred in and through nursing staff to perform the services, hardly more than a drop on the hot stone.