The profession of nursing

The profession of nursing has mission is to integrate a medical team who will take care of how palliative, curative or preventive the patients who need it.

Like other health professionals, the nurse is, of course, to professional secrecy and must therefore be discreet but to listen to his patients. Its role will also be to assist the caregiver in relation to the tasks day-to-day care and hygiene of patients.

The skills and applications of the profession of nursing

The nurse requires a certain number of human qualities that are essential such as listening and dialogue because it is he who will have to collect all the different symptoms expressed by the patient. The nurse will also need to be understanding and patient with the families, who often need psychological support in difficult situations.

In addition, the tasks of the nurses are sometimes stressful, this is why it is necessary to have a strong constitution and a lot of willpower to be able to string the nights of detention with little hours of sleep. The nurse also implies a high reactivity because the life of a patient depends on the rapid analysis of a situation.

The job of nurse also requires a certain ability to take a step back from the sometimes difficult life experiences (living with death, to cope with the pain of the families, etc…). In the same manner, the nurse must be continually receptive and responsive to the prescriptions of the physician and his prescription should be coordinated with the doctor.

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In general, the job of a nurse takes place in hospitals but can also take place in private clinics or other structures such as retirement homes, rest, care, palliative, etc … The average salary of a nurse starting is about 1500 euros per month.

The training track to become a nurse

The job of nurse requires a degree of State recognition : the State diploma of nursing.

This diploma is achieved through a training which lasts three years and is divided into two parts : theoretical instruction and teaching practice. A contest entry operates a selection among the prospective candidates applying to this degree.

This training is accessed as early as 17 years, however applicants must be holders of the bachelor’s degree to apply. The registrations for this specific course are from the Institutes of Nursing Education in the month of January of the current year.

The passage of the competition is not free and will cost you between 70 and 130 euros, depending on the training centres. It is also important to mention that it is not forbidden to register in several institutes.

Once the contest entry is validated, the three-year training is provided within a training institute in nursing. The practical placements in hospitals, for example, and courses in the institute are distributed evenly. Similarly, in the course of its latest study, the student nurse will have to present a memory, to support in front of a jury.

Specializations (child care, operating theatre, occupational health, etc …) are then possible by means of additional studies are still accessible on a competitive basis and validated by a new diploma.