The procedures to be followed at the birth of baby

Sometimes, becoming parents is not always the happiness crazy as we expected. As parents the youth will only complicate things more. It is, however, excited or even anxious at the idea of having a baby that we forget that having a baby is not left on the delivery succeeded, but there are still the formalities to be completed after delivery.

The declaration in town hall

The declaration in town hall must be done by the father of the child or the person present at the birth. Whether it’s an act of birth Nantes, or in any other city of France, this must be done within three business days following the date of delivery. In effect, a simple delay on the completion of this formality can lead to the refusal of enrolment of the child at the registers. Without a judgment pronounced by the court, the child will remain without civil status, recognized illegal in the eyes of the law. And yet, a procedure in which a court may take several months. Please be aware that any negligence in this declaration of birth is considered to be a breach of these obligations and responsibility of the parent to his child, is thus subject to a criminal fine of 1500 euros, plus damages for the prejudice caused.

Les démarches à accomplir à la naissance de bébé

What are the parts needed for this statement?

The declaration of birth must include a certificate of birth ; issued by the doctor or the midwife, or the maternity or the hospital, then the identity cards of both parents, if the child is recognized before its birth; he will also need a copy of the act of recognition, and finally, the family booklet.

It should be noted that the application does not collect any fee, it is totally free. If you have any questions or doubts, please be aware that the site can help you in the process of filling of forms of a birth certificate in Paris or any other French city.

The act of birth

A birth certificate is a legal document official of the civil registry attesting the birth of an individual. Because of this, the birth certificate can be issued in three kinds of different documents including the full copy as for the extract with parentage that includes the information about the person concerned, information on his parents as well as the particulars to be marginal, and on the other hand the extract without parentage that includes only the information on the person concerned only and the particulars are marginal.

Once the elements of the request are all met, the birth certificate will be immediately drafted and will be issued on the spot. Don’t forget to take some copies for the other approaches. Better yet, think of to scan the birth certificates of your children in order to keep a copy at any time.