The possibilities of professional retraining for a nurse

Les possibilités de reconversion professionnelle pour un infirmierThe conversion is a decision that requires courage, thought and determination. In the course of the professional life can occur the various events which will bring you eventually to be aware of your desire to change professions.

All the world is not confronted with this situation, however, it is not a rare phenomenon: the human being is constantly changing, the desire to carry out different activities in the course of his life is perfectly normal.

In a first time, it makes you understand that you are not happy in your profession. Here is a non-exhaustive list of proposals in which you may find yourself:

– the reality of the profession of nursing is far from the image that you wrought

– you think your hierarchy you undermine vis-à-vis the tasks to be accomplished

– you believe your wages are low compared to actions and skills that are required of you

– your job you like, but, naturally curious (), you would like to discover a new profession

This introspection is a necessary step for the choice of the future direction. In fact, it is a good idea to seek a profession that does not include these dimensions themselves that you are displeased in your previous occupation.

Once this work is psychic is done, you can inquire as to the areas that attract you.

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Two cases are presented : the conversion in the sector of activity near your first sector and retraining in a very different environment.

First of all, you can consider referral to a different branch of the same trade. For example, if you are a nurse in a hospital, you can try to establish yourself as a liberal or become a school nurse.

If you aspire to stay in the area of medical without undertaking too many studies (like medicine), you can find out about training allied health do not require passage by the faculty of medicine, such as that of speech therapist (course in 5 years from now), dietician (BTS in 2 years) or occupational therapist (3 years of study).

If you do not have the will to go back to school (family care or simple lack of motivation), are looking to get an equivalence. Currently, however, it becomes more difficult to obtain a new diploma without doing at least one or two years of studies (the teaching career, for example, is open to individuals with a bac+5).

To perform this conversion more easily, it is possible (depending on where you work) to request an Individual Leave of Formation (CIF), knowing that the priority is given to people of low qualification.

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You can also ask for the Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) in order to try to obtain the diploma that you are interested in without the need for additional studies, but this process is long and sometimes unsuccessful.

The important thing is to think about what you really want in order to have the necessary motivation to undertake the steps required.