The nursing home, a specialist at your service !

The job of nurse at home is much more than a job, it is a vocation where the relational occupies a very important place. He has the role of providing nursing care at home to care for the sick and ensure their well-being by occupying the following functions :

  • To listen and provide psychological support to the patients
  • Carry out the care prescribed (hygiene, comfort and safety)
  • Assist physicians in the diagnosis
  • Manage some administrative tasks (drafting of minutes, management of the planning of care, stocks, etc)

In 2014, the home care services of health are developing strongly, however, only 13% of the nurses have decided to exercise their profession in a liberal.

Home service multi-care

Today, the nursing home is a multi specialist care. It intervenes in case of Hospitalization at Home (H. A. D.), Maintaining A Home (M. A. D.) or Care Home (S. A. D.) and provides numerous care :

  • Withdrawals and injections : intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous, intradermal, drip, implant.
  • Dressings-current : dressings ostomy, tracheostomy, removal of wires or staples and other wound dressings.
  • Dressings, heavy and complex : dressing ulcer, fistula, digestive, amputation, wound extent or burning, etc
  • Installation of probe and power supply
  • Care specific to certain parts of our body : the care of the respiratory, genito-urinary, digestive, testing, and care on the envelope of the skin.
  • Infusions
  • Administration and monitoring of oral medication
  • Home care of a person in a position of dependency, temporary or permanent
  • Home care
  • Specialized care : maintenance of catheters, specific treatments, etc
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The support service at home and its daily difficulties,

Only during care, the nurse meets daily with the physical distress and psychological of his patients and he is sometimes confronted with death.

Besides being psychologically challenging, this job is also physically demanding. Some of them suffer from pathologies dorso-lumbar caused by the numerous manipulations.

A nurse is also exposed to risks of infections and / or toxic products at the invasive care and chemotherapy.

He works night and day and does not count his hours to ensure the well-being of his patients.

What are the benefits for seniors ?

In a difficult economic context, home care nursing, are a good alternative to shorten some of the hospitalizations and reduce costs.

When it comes to care in the context of a Hospitalization at Home prescribed for the medical corps, the nursing service home work 7d/7 and 24h/24. It is also supported 100% by social security. A senior citizen may, in addition, benefit from certain subsidies such as the Allocation personnalis√©e d’autonomie (A. P. A.).

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