The narrow ridge: empathy in care work

Empathy is, in my eyes, one of the highest goods in social Professions, especially in the health – and sick care. It is the art of the Worries and Fears of the patient, to understand your concerns and your Fears – no matter how old you are, whether man or woman, and what illness or injury you have.

It’s about to take to the people as he is As an individual, as an individual, and I don’t mean this in Berlin-Hipster individual, but really a real individual.

It is precisely here that the art – the art is to show a Smile and to create. And out of empathy, not antipathy arise, even if one is in everyday life, maybe more like antipathy.

Nursing jobs offer plenty of possibilities to strengthen the own ability of empathy and in such a way that the Patient creates it, with a new Situation and his illness.

Between retention and demolition

Also, build a relationship and to cap the evening. On the next day immediately there. The is care: The narrow ridge between the binding and termination of the binding. Because without demolition of your work from the work of your Private and Vice versa from your Private. It is important that the two Ends not to “could use”. Because it can turn empathy into antipathy.

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We all know where that can lead. Health and health care is an enormous psychological burden, for not every is made. And especially not everyone. Who creates it, nevertheless, can more than be proud of yourself!

Balance and energy in leisure time

But what to do, in order to strengthen the empathy and get you? Many have their own methods, to wander on this narrow ridge. I enjoy my leisure time in Hamburg with friends and family, the culture, reading, education, theatre, Writing, stage rehearsals as an actor. There is enough offered in the most beautiful city in the world is to get the right balance and the energy that you need in order to receive his empathy.

Or just once to acquire. To me it goes very well, if I write down the things you have experienced. It helps me clear my head and make space for the New. Because often I get to my limits, mentally as well as physically. But I am also glad to feel my limits. This experience brings me a piece. Whether in Private or at work I don’t make a distinction then, as long as it’s me man strengthens.

This empathy, if you have them once, you can take no more – except you yourself.

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Photo: Fotolia / Tyler Olson