The mutual health for nurses in becoming and in position

In the life of every day, no one is immune to diseases, infections, inflammation that can be caused by a simple injury. Even the medical professionals such as nurses that they are becoming or on the job are aware of the risks as they are faced constantly. In order to protect themselves financially from these unfortunate contingencies, health insurance has become a necessity.

The Secu and the mutuelle

La mutuelle santé pour les infirmiers en devenir et en posteAlthough Social Security is already occupied to cover each of these members, it is not enough. The health insurance presents itself as the add-in not mandatory, but is necessary in order to protect themselves financially in case of problems related to health. It will reimburse the expenses left behind by the Social Security only covers 70 % of medical expenses to its affiliates. These medical expenses reimbursed include expenses related to the purchase of medicines, hospital charges, consultations with a specialist or alternative medicine as well as the equipment, the blood tests, surgical operations and much more.

The advantages of a mutual health to the medical profession

Unlike the general public, the medical profession has a multitude of benefits in terms of health insurance. Although a mutual to meet the repayments of Social Security, which are the expenditures to be made at the expense of the person, it does not offer full coverage. There is always a small part of which it shall pay the insured. For health professionals such as nurses, the health insurance is quite different. They can enjoy preferential tariffs in addition to a subscription without any questionnaire or age limit. There are also the repayments quick within a period of 24 to 48 h after receipt of the records, of the contributions offered from yet another child and following, but also the third-party payer widespread makes it possible not to pay any advance on expenses for the majority of medical expenses : pharmacy, optical, radio, ultrasound, hospitalization, laboratory, medical auxiliaries… This support enables the nurses to not pay any penny in case of problems related to their health.

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In all cases, the health insurance is a real necessity for individuals and health professionals such as nurses, since the reimbursement shortfall medical expenses offered by the Social Security. The subscription is fast and does not require long questionnaires for the medical corps in addition to the benefits advantageous as a full support and a refund fast.