The implant success hair

The manual methods

It account implants capillaries cheap of several kinds. When it comes to settlements in the strip, the results often contain visible scars afterwards. This is the sampling of a large surface area of hair follicles located at the top of the neck and sewing up to the top of the skull, where the hair has disappeared.

La réussite des implants capillaires

When the hairs are removed, the follicles are separated by a group of 1 or 2 hair and will position themselves where the hair is disparate.

A week after the operation the stitches will be removed and laser treatments may be carried out according to the centre in which you are travelling. The laser allows you to better heal injuries and avoid or minimize the scars indelible. To encourage regrowth, treatments will be prescribed for you as vitamins or supplements used to renew cells more quickly. Finally, after 8 months, the final result will be visible.

Another technique, called FUE, is to take manually hair in areas that are not affected by baldness, then reimplant them, always manually, or using a punch, in part to fill. When the follicular units are removed, the surgeons use a scalpel in which the diameter is tiny. Since each follicular unit contains between 1 and 4 follicles, the operation requires a lot of patience and concentration to surgeons whose arm does not have the right to fatigue during the 3000 settlements to achieve.

The results of FUE is scarless since the implanted hair after hair. Bleeding and trauma are very largely avoided, giving way to beautiful hair natural and thick, which will not fall over because they don’t react to male hormones responsible for male pattern baldness.

The method robotic

Finally, another technique is to take the help of a robot to the hair to be implanted.

The technique is the same, but the gesture changes. In fact, it is not a matter for the surgeon to perform hand-samples, but to control and manipulate the machine remotely, thanks to its articulated arms, and performs all the tasks of collection much more quickly and more precisely than a human, even a specialist.

The results are better in the sense that the robotic system happens to scan and produce 3D for a diagram of the scalp and allowing him to implant the hair in the direction of the hair, with a degree of angulation is perfect.

Not only the result is scar-free and without any trauma, but the hair, after 8 months, have something in more, a finish unmatched that only a machine indefatigable is able to achieve.

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