The gluten-free simple trend or good for health ?

For some, the “mode” of gluten-free is our society’s well-being at any price, and not a health problem. However, this tendency advocated for 10 years by naturopathic doctors to treat patients whose aches and pains were too diffuse to be recognized as a “real” illness persists.

The faculties of medicine recognize, moreover, the celiac disease, but the estimate that 1 % of the population only.

Gluten: definition and health problems

Gluten consists of two proteins gliadin and glutélines which form during hydration and mixing of the cereals wheat, barley, rye, their forms are archaic, and oats to a lesser extent. The celiac disease is an allergy characterized by disorders of digestion very disabling.

However, it must be evidenced by an act of surgery: biopsy. This disease requires the foreclosure total of the gluten even if the reaction does not resemble the severe angioedema symptomatic of allergies to nuts or bee stings.

Why the number of followers of the gluten-free is increasing ?

Environment sanitized in early childhood, environmental pollution, pesticides, all these factors have led to an increase in food allergies in the past 10 years and the onset of new sensitivities to foods called a food intolerance.

The reactions are varied and occur between 2 hours and 24 hours after ingestion. They range from headaches to nausea, and digestive disorders.

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The gluten-free diet it has an interest for all ?

Remove a food and even several in the case of gluten because it is present in many cereals, can present the risk of a deficiency. Almost everyone knows the phrase of Paracelsus, a physician of the Sixteenth century: “it is the dose that makes the poison”. It is valid with respect to the power supply.

Each organization is different, and does probably not work the same way as a function of its heredity and its environment. Remove the grains should not be automatic, because they contain many nutrients and especially fiber. In the case of hypersensitivity, it will be necessary to determine which foods to remove.