The framework and trainer on MSP…

Today, I made a MSP. Oh cry, you should not be surprised, it is a MSP health care aide. But what I’m talking about, this is not the MSP itself, or of the student, but the trainer. And come on, a trainer who will take for his grade ! To each his own eh, people say to me that I shoot the same each time.

Appointment was 10am this morning. 10.15 am, we’re still waiting. Let’s take a coffee to relax (ha ha ha !). I leave my desktop open to watch for his arrival. 10: 25 am, not hear, not pressing, high heels walking at a brisk pace, it’s good it’s coming ! Yes, but she passes in front of the desktop we (winning the contest : it is two frames) looking but not speak to us and continues up to the nursing station. Yes good ok, so much sit down and do something else. 10 minutes later (she had to lose the bottom end of the service), the student AS brings him to us. Still not a hello, nor a semblance of excuse for its delay, she just asks… if we can lend him a gown. First trainer who does not return her blouse to make a MSP in a service. And yet I’ve already seen it and she had her blouse. Going good, we yelled at them good students when they don’t have their hardware, we can do the same in this case ?

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Well, it starts the MSP ?

Once dressed and primed, you can start the MSP. It is therefore up to the office with the student to signal that they can begin. Very well, together with my colleague, it looks and asks who goes there. Inevitably, we had more too want to rub shoulders with this trainer… Go, I devote myself ! After all, it is better for the student to be graded as it should be. To which she replies : “No, but it must have one only for the evaluation” . Look sad, awkward silence… ” Okay, the room is free there, you can go to you and the student, we leave you quiet, later ! “. No, but if it bothers you we say… “No, but I mean, it takes a single caregiver with moi… ” ” And we, what you said is that yes, there will be only one caregiver with you, it’s me ! There is not all the two… We just decided that would make the MSP… ” After you amaze me that some students are apprehensive about certain trainers…

I’m part of the practice, which went well, nothing to complain about. The process of care was clear and busy, I might even say that this was one of the best I’ve ever read, and that some nursing students should take example (and paf). For a first-time MSP, this is not bad ! Don’t forget to give the constants of the day by the way… I loved the moment when a student announces ” a pulse of 60 beats per minute” , this that what meets the trainer : “What ? But this is not possible (forced laughter), are you sure ? It is not the beats per minute ! “A lack of understanding of the student and of myself also. She makes him repeat, the student insists on the fact that it is the ” pulse “ then… Word, and that is to love the trainer… It continues giving 96% of saturation, what the trainer says ” ah yes, it’s better ! “Ok so you confused the pulse rate and the saturation. Yes madam, a pulse that is many beats per minute, it is when to retirement ? Ah next year ? I can understand better… Especially that of the more, for her, a saturation of 96% is the limit. How you want the students are not sometimes lost.

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What I have to say also, is that this is a trainer I knew well from before, when I was doing my studies as a nurse and she has always been like that. I (and others) made it not hurt the head because of the time she did not understand. At the limit, when you will not understand, trust in the caregiver that evaluates with you, he is on the field himself ! And it is also there to assess… Even if it is often there also to defend the students.

Finally here, it was my anecdote of the day, it’s been a long time. Ah yes, by the way, the student health care aide has been with 18.5/20. I miss the MSP… ?