the First step of as being function of the frame

So this makes three weeks that I have changed my position. Besides, what is my position ? I wavered between the name “function frame” and the “nurse referral “. In the public, it is still struggling to determine the job description of this category…

And me, I am situated where ?

I have to admit, in the beginning it is not necessarily simple. Already, it takes some getting used to a new department, new colleagues and way of working. But, most of all this is that it does not anymore quite the same way. Here, hierarchically speaking, it occupies a position of responsibility with a degree of authority and distance to have. By and large, the teams you make a to smile and look at you move out of the corner of the eye wondering what you will do, and especially if you are the nice guy or the guy who is going to refuse to give them their days off…

For the moment, I have kept a distance. I prefer to observe, understand the operation of the service, and his habit of life, to discover the personality of each one and stay at my place. I have to say that we have always looked at the executives with a vision of our own, we sometimes ask why he reacts like this, sometimes wondering what he is doing hiding in his office…

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In three weeks, I’ve had to solve problems of organizational, personal, conflict, complaints from patients, complaints from families, family meetings, leave granted but which did not finally, explanation to the staff, error in the tracking of requirements, issues of equipment, accident in the department, meeting with management, organization of internships 2014, realize the elements of pay of the month following, etc… I forget. And all this, without that the staff will see it. So yes, a framework of the job… I would say that it is in the shade so that the service runs correctly and that the teams are the more comfortable as possible. But this, it may be that my humble opinion.

Me, nursing a referent.

Two questions often come back : “Is this pleasing to you ? “and” The care will not you miss me ?” . To answer the first question, for the moment, this pleases me yes. But it is still too early to correctly answer this question. For the second question, yes probably that the care I will miss… I find myself to look away, the nurses performed some care or just go in a room to discuss with a patient. I have the chance to take the role of a framework of proximity and therefore be even closer to the patients, which may still carry some care (blood, perfused, etc.).

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To finish, I would say that this opportunity to be of this side of the profession can help me in the continuation of my support and my personality. The other advantage is that I can decide in a year to continue in this way passing in the contest of frames or just go back as a nurse in a care service. In both cases, the experience of a year to me has been helpful…

So you go for a year on this blog, follow the role of a nurse liaison in a healthcare service. Is it going to please you ? I hope so.