The eye – function and injury

The eye is an important sensory organ of the human body. In this entry, I would like to take a closer look at this miracle of the human body.

The eye can much

Das Auge – Funktion und VerletzungenFor our orientation in the environment, the eye takes on much more tasks than we realize. So the eye via nerve connections in direct contact with our brain. In coordination with the brain, the human eye, in addition to the pure look impressions, for example, the Estimate of distances (also by using the so-called spatial vision that emerges through the Interaction of the impressions of both eyes): on the Basis of the angle in the viewing impressions on the network of our eyes and skin meet, the brain on the distance back, which has a corresponding item to us.

A variety of nerve fibers, it is the human pupil is also possible, similarly to the lens of a camera to the currently prevailing lighting conditions and adapt to allow us a sharp Look. In addition, the human eye is capable of, so to speak, between day and night vision ‘switch’: Different structures in the eye (called cones and rods) are, for example, in exchange for Seeing in the dark or See in brightness responsible. So is it possible for us to be able to sudden darkness after only a short Moment again, the outline of recognize. And not only the detection of a difference between Light and Dark allows us to the eye – only through the intact structure of the human eye color impressions, which we perceive as a human being.

Not least of all, the eye also plays to the human equilibrium has an important role; is our body, for example, in an unusual Position, so the eyes add to the information with respect to our current location in space and the brain can, to some extent, plan his ‘location’ complete. The influence of the eye has here, we can remind ourselves about, when we stand on one leg and now in addition, the eyes close; in General, the state is now uncertain.

Give heed to your eye!

Das Auge – Funktion und VerletzungenThe many tasks of the human eye, can be affected by different malfunctions or injuries. So about to fail can cause vision (such as Far – or short-sightedness) that we can no longer see things in certain distances in focus. Offset such impairments can be with the help of eye doctors (are found in every city, from Kiel, Frankfurt, or Munich, the addresses there are in the local categories, from the phone book. Example: eye doctor in Bremen), or optometrists, for example, by spectacles, contact lenses, or any surgery. Also diseases of the optic nerve or changes in the cornea (caused by injury, disease, or the human aging process) can interfere with a sharp vision – the so-called cataracts, an age-related cloudiness of the lens of the eye is, for example, responsible.

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