The essential qualities for being a nurse

Les qualités essentielles pour être infirmierWe differentiate between three main capitals for a job as a nurse : in the first place, be a person with a strong sense of the relational, there is the first condition. Other qualities are decisive : whether to organize. And finally, the know-how, regards for all the care techniques and request in addition to dexterity and the application of rules of hygiene made in an irreproachable way.

The relational

The relational quality is paramount, for who wants to work as a nurse or nurse. This quality is often reprécisée in the description of the offers of employment to nurses. In fact, the nurse is primarily for the service of the patient. Care techniques are certainly important, but even done as skillfully as possible, repair of wound dressings, catheters, changes in perfusion, using the toilet… They can never be given without a real knowledge-to be relational. The patient needs clear and accurate information about what will be done. He needs to be reassured as to the approach, for example a surgical intervention.

The nurse is also able to lead not only to a maintenance host, but also a helping relationship. The aid relationship will be the daily life of nurses working in a sector of psychiatry. The relationship of the nurse are also with the family of the patients. And the relationship is exercised within the same teams at the hospital, between colleagues at the start where it will transmit the correct information to allow the tracking of patients. The nurse is in relationship with many other partners with which it collaborates directly. This, of course, are the doctors of service, service managers, care workers, social assistants, for the closest partners.

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You will have understood, the relationship is everywhere in the nursing profession, and it is to have a real know-how to be a good nurse. This relational quality requires patience, diplomacy, know how to manage the inevitable conflicts either with the team or with the patients themselves. The integrity and thoroughness are qualities that are required for employment as a nurse. The relational, that is, above all, learn to listen to the other, and silence in and of itself, to be fully attentive to it.

The organization

Another necessary quality : the quality of the organization. An example well-defined, you will perform a treatment in a patient’s room, it will take with you all necessary equipment for this care, therefore, of the qualities of anticipation. You do not need once in the room, except exceptionally, in out to go looking for a product, and leave the patient with a bandage, points to half removed, or a toilet half made. This is a very important quality for there to be a good course of care.

The technical skills

Finally, the profession of nursing requires a know-how. It is acquired throughout the training but what we must not lose sight of is that the hygiene of the care carried out must be above reproach, it is the life of the patient. We all know the risk due to hospital-acquired infections…