The door open on the shirts of the patients

Let’s go back to my article on the “ass in the air” and the petition, the fervor to take this matter on the shirts in the hospital for patients.

Hospital gown, open door

In my previous article, I was quite vigorous, and sometimes angry. This was especially against the media who have picked up the case to make a buzz (When you see the blog flashy of Morandini resume this case, pricking the content of AlloDocteurs, it is just heartbreaking). Not that I’m not saying that we should not talk about it, at least it will be exactly allowed to open this debate but this is just to see some media who don’t know what they are spoken just type words that are rageants.

I put water in my wine. In fact, I think my problem comes from the fact of my own vision. Just as you have your own vision for take me out as shirts, it is everywhere the same. Me in my service, no problem with the shirt, as I explained it does not propose, where it is used for useful cases. And also having a vision, as the patient, the ass in the air, I can also allow me to open it. As I found twice in surgery to make me operate, I also found with this shirt but hey it is like this, I understood. However, I had no hesitation to put a pair of boxers or even a jog afterwards to protect me visions harmful to my ass ! This is allowed, I will notify you, the hospital does not refuse. And for my transfer from the bed to the stretcher, the stretcher-bearers have always respected my modesty by putting me on a machine around to go on the stretcher and then I cover with a second sheet. So, I’ve certainly had the chance…

But I understand your remarks, especially with those darn shirts of one size, etc… But be careful, also understand that these shirts are not there for nothing, and are of utility in our support ! However, where I pointerais rather the finger, it is when and how is used this shirt ? For my part, in surgery, I find it necessary. If you want to walk to relax the legs being perfused, you have the right and opportunity to make a pajama pants or jogging, this has never been denied. If you refuse, then there is harm to your dignity.

However, the use of this shirt in a medium or long stay, rehabilitation, convalescence, etc.. No it is absolutely not justified and we should rightly point to these services the using. What is the utility ? Being in a service means stay and convalescence, I see absolutely no utility ! (Except for rare cases, cases of hyperthermia, etc.. But they will have a shirt for some time, after they are presented with a pyjama). What I also say on the spot of the moment :

The shirt of the patients as it is presented, is still present in many hospitals in many countries. Take a look at your series, american favorite, the patients have the same shirt. Why ? The answer is yet in the series ! You see to be off, it is easily removed from the shirt, you need to make a echo rapido, one removes the shirt, we need to do an ECG, the scoper or any other, one removes the shirt. That damn shirt is well worth while.

In surgery, after your operation, you have a huge bandage to the torso, the abdomen, or even elsewhere, you are I think happy to have this simple shirt a t-shirt was removed, and that hurts you. And then, I know you, if I put a stain of the betadine on your jogging, or your pajamas, you’re going to bitching over while our hospital gown, you ficherez.

This is why I will ask you to fill out this little survey interesting and that farfadoc created to precisely understand where and when is used this shirt : Survey – What is the hospital gown in which institution?

It is on that some caregivers are careful, but it is also that some caregivers have made a habit of seeing patients in their simple device. Damage then.

A few examples seen on the internet in the comments (blog, press, etc…) :

“… the ambulance brought the grandmother with infusion and open shirt in my waiting room and my office is located in a shopping street ! “In this case, this is inexcusable, both for the service that left from and both by the paramedics themselves. Out of respect and modesty, we should dress the patients when they are transported to the outside ! For a transport to the emergency room, the minimum is to put a pair of boxers or panties and pyjama bottoms in addition to the shirt.

I think that clothing adapted to the case of the sick must be used. Not a model, but several of the following the need for ” absolutely, I even think that the shirt should be used in such a case, we must ask the question and not give them the shirt and leave.

“The example of motherhood often comes back” . Here I can really express myself. I’ve never worked in a maternity hospital and my wife is going on maternity in a month, then I would tell you what it is ?

“As I said above, several kinds of garments convalescent should be provided in order to meet the needs of each individual. You will not find “counter” in the economic sphere of the system. “ No. There is no mention of the economic sphere and this has nothing to do. The cost of a shirt is ridiculous, even if we had to change and put the seam on the side. Yes, a number of sizes should exist, but above all, we must rather say that in recovery we have the right and must use his or her own business, her own pajamas, etc… in no case in my service during their convalescence, I put the shirt to my patients.

“The shirt, it is a start, but it needs to think bigger and to demand the removal of the rooms to two beds or even three during peak hours the hospital… “ Yes, it is a beginning of the shirt, this is what we said, there are more important elsewhere. By contrast, the removal of double-bedded rooms, this is not an option, forgiveness… Otherwise it would take a lot less patient. Take, for example, in my department, 15 single rooms and 7 double rooms, so 30 patients. If I change my double rooms for individual rooms, my capacity is, therefore, of 22 patients. That will then mean the other 8 patients ? You can’t created a wing in addition to their 8 rooms you know…

“My son of 8 years was hospitalized for the day in a room with three beds (…) he rises, with the famous shirt, to go to the toilet. There I see her neighbor on the bed between 55-60 years of age ,of north african origin, very unpleasant before with a nurse kind, straighten up and follow with bulging eyes, the tilt of the garment. “ Yes, it is shocking. However what shocks me mostly is put in the same room with a child of 8 years with an adult 55 years of age. This is not normal, the children with children, adults with adults.

I was in surgery with this shirt because I was infused, and I wanted to stretch the legs, I leave you to imagine me and that damn shirt in the hallway ! “But me too mr. I have been in this case, and I also wanted to stretch your legs then I put on a pair of boxers and a pair of pants ! The problem may be en France, it is that you are often witnessed and it is necessary for you to say that you have the right to wear trousers, think a little bit more and splash pants, the shirt is not a barrier to your modesty.

Etc, etc… Yes modesty is paramount and it is for the caregiver to enforce it and not the shirt that it is useful. Please do not hesitate to tell them. But also know that this also goes in the other direction and you say that you have perfectly the right to put a sock or a pair of boxers. If you are refused, ask the reason and put on your pants anyway. ?

For my part, I have thought about it quite a lot to this question, it was finally good to question even if I remain skeptical on some points. Also, to celebrate this, I went to a training in September on ethics in the hospital, we will begin there…