The different specializations for a nurse

The vast majority of nurses is employed in hospitals or clinics, but there are also nurses in medical offices, in schools, etc… Their role is important. The main task of the nurse is to assist the patient from A to Z, that is to say, the day of his entrance to the hospital on the day of its release.

The nurse performs the technical tasks, such as administration of medications or help with eating, but it also performs the actions very specific which are requested by the attending physician. Even more, the nurse is a real psychological support to the patient. The profession of nursing is a vocation that combines technical skills and empathy for people in general. This is an exciting career.

The working conditions and hours differ according to the places where nurses practice. Thus, these zones will tend to be much more stable and less cumbersome for a nurse in a medical office, for example.

The position of a nurse today is very sought after in France. The demand continues to grow, and this in all types of establishments. In addition, specializations are a huge asset in the job search a nurse and allow the differences to be very interesting in terms of remuneration.

The career prospects for a nurse beginner are very optimistic, both in terms of evolution or progression.

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The specializations possible for a nurse

There are many possible specialisations in the profession of nursing. Thus, it is possible to specialize in anesthesia, intensive care, mental health, public health, oncology, diabetology, obstetrics, gerontology, management of nursing services, education, research, etc…

We see that the field of specialization covered by the career of nursing is very broad : specialization techniques in a medical discipline, with a specialization in research, with a specialization in administrative…

Each of these universes has its own specificities. It is advancing in his career and in gaining experience, the nurse may decide the path that is his own to continue his training.

The number of nurses is steadily increasing in France for over a decade. Thus, approximately 10% of the total workforce of the nurse has a specialization. Among the specializations, the most popular is the specialization of nurses. This specialization is achieved after one year of training and is sanctioned by a state diploma.

Today, you will find over 15 000 nurses nursery nurses in France. Another specialization that is highly valued by nurses is the specialization in anesthesia. This training is available after 2 years as a nurse. It lasts 2 years and is highly valued as the demand for anesthesiologists is strong in France today. That employment of nurses is occupied by about 10,000 people today.

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Finally, the last specialisation which is chosen by a majority of by the nurses, is the nurse of operating block graduated from state. This specialization is obtained at the end of 18 months of training and is available to nurses who already have 2 years of experience behind them.