The brain – Without it is not!

Das Gehirn – Ohne geht es nicht!

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The brain is about 1500 grams heavy, irreplaceable by mass, and about as large as two opposite fists – It is the main component of the Central nervous system (CNS) and controls all conceivable functions of the body.

The cerebrum, which in technical parlance, the “Cortex” is for arbitrary movements. In addition, it is home to the language centre of the people. The followed parietal lobe process sensory stimuli and ensure that we taste, feel and smell. At the back of the head of the head is the brain of the “occipital lobes” – Here is the visual center is located. It allows you so See this.

In the diencephalon is the Thalamus, which is the “gateway to consciousness”. He is a link in the hormone and another important part of the Central nervous system. That you can’t imagine the brain as a Computer, the “Amygdala”, which is dubbed by experts as a memory storage, or memory, for example. A bar of chocolate and an Apple is in front of us says to the Amygdala, that the Apple is healthier than the chocolate – So it have learned, at least many of us. The memory storage is tastes, among other things, the part that goes against the Amygdala, since this emits good feelings – which chocolate in our body we hold and give us a feeling of happiness reports: “chocolate makes you happy”.

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In the cerebellum , the muscle tone and balance, and movements coordinated. The brain stem is the “oldest part” of the brain. From this the human brain and gradually change as we knew it. So had and many smaller mammals only have this part as the brain. Emotions are controlled by the “Limbic System,” which is virtually the brain stem surrounds. Apart from some of the protective membranes that surround the brain, is a clear liquid Called “Liquor” in it. In total, there are well-150ml, low in protein and sugar / glucose content. The function of this fluid is to dampen our control centre (the brain) “pads” or acting from the outside pressure-to – Current controversial is whether the brain is nourished by the cerebrospinal fluid and in the case of the Signal-forwarding involved.