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Hello, dear visitor, dear visitors of the

My Name is Uwe Nieswandt. I was born in Zurich, grew up in the Allgäu and I live in the South of Germany.

Since 1989 I am standing in the care. I worked for many years as a nurse in the neurology, in psychiatry and in child and adolescent psychiatry. It jobs as a care Manager in the outpatient care and in inpatient seniors help followed.

In the presence of I part-time in a home ventilation service, and I am a self-employed nursing consultant, nursing expert and create for the district courts procedure in the maintain the Werdenfelser way will work.

I am committed to the profession politically, in order to care for the chambers to be introduced in the individual Federal States. The focal point is, for me, the topic of “multi-resistant germs”.

The Concerns of the care I carry. The care is close to my heart. Many professional fields are made by professional strangers, such as the care advice and assessment. I am of the opinion that the offer of education and training, as well as the Examinations in the hands of care-is one of professionals. This is our profession. Nursing courses are offered, but prospects there are for the care of academics. The pay of nursing staff, overall, is not true. Our nursing pictures are not recognized in Germany. The nursing shortage is here! Hospitals die – A reminder to policy and health insurance companies, not to reduce, what is urgently needed!

It must change for us Carers in Germany.

Therefore, I am. And I’m loud.

In my Allgäuer home there is a saying: “lond it luck”: do not Slacken, do not let go of.

I look forward to your visit in my Blog!

Your Uwe Nieswandt

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