The blog gets a makeover


I come to the new. Yes because in this moment, I give not enough. Sympatoche for a blog no ? In fact, it’s just that having to rest a few days for me to take care of my newborn, I take a little bit for me to ventilate the head of the job.

So when I would resume my job, we will be able to resume all full of items ! But mostly, I was preparing a surprise… a time to celebrate the small and because you are becoming faithful readers (are you an average of 50 visitors/day, little to some but for me it is a lot), the site is going to have a little facelift done by a talented illustrator ! Sympa non ?

But also the blog is going to change name ! Some have discovered on Twitter, now for you it’s still a surprise. In fact, I had to buy the name to another person, so the procedure is a little long. But it is on the last line right, and I’ll soon be the owner. This new name will be much more in touch with the world nursing and easy to remember !

Not because of how many times I was asked what you want to say “IDZ ” but ” I ” and ” D “, ” Z ” I have never found…

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