Ten years in care With child through the training and work

Suitable for the Start of the blog, my entry into the care marks the tenth anniversary. My son is celebrating his twelfth birthday, and I am since two years the station management. Reason enough for me to have the theme of a child and a career in nursing to make it to my first blog post. I’m not fortunately, the only one that manages the balancing act between family and career, especially as regards social professions. But I think there is still more that can do it. To these people, my words are addressed, in Particular.

To decide for an education in the social field, was brave – but, in retrospect, exactly right. In spite of my two-year-old child, separated from the father, and with views of three layers of full-time. It was not always easy. I have to admit, it would have been an easier way. I could wait until my son is older, or a different profession to choose from. But both was out of the question for me.

Pragmatic Inventory

I have always been interested in social professions. And I am of the opinion that only a happy mother can be a good mother. This has resolved the apparent contradiction between career choice and life situation. So it was time to write applications for a training place in nursing. As the invitation to job interview was on the table, was the inventory order of the day: What do I need in order to create the training and what I have?

  1. Money for life: training in the care professions in comparison to other Teaching is so well paid that I was to detailed financial check, the time of the training bridge.
  2. Care for my son In a crib near my apartment my son had a Ten-hour course. His father took over the care of Late – night services.
  3. Time to Learn: Yes, that is important. You have to shovel. Before the exam, I have evicted me for a week, just for me learned. But it is only what is possible.
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Full of zest for action into the interview

Almost disappointing, the interview then proceeded. I was full of plans, ideas and Dreams of what relates to my life and Work in care. Then the question is: “Are you aware of the fact that social professions, especially the care with the layer service, a special burden for the family mean?” I don’t want to enthusiastically spread the whole Plan, but a “Yes” before I was interrupted. The answer was sufficient, because the training I have received!

Then for three years through various stations in all the major subject areas of nursing. At the beginning of the shift. I’m not just a Time of the Sandman on the Couch asleep. It is also interesting to my condition, as I had moved after the first night my son in the nursery. A mother: “Catherine, You look tired!” – “I haven’t slept with yet!” Since I had a shoulder thumper and respectful glances for sure.

Despite the blunder passed

The exam was pure hard work, and I can all, even those without children, can only guess the time. A conscious look into the care of books will certainly help. I was very excited. In the oral examination in the area of care of the blunder. But it has, nevertheless, worked at the first attempt!

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Then directly in the psychiatry!

No, not as a patient, but as an additional force in the health – and sick care.