tele-assistance for better safety for seniors

With age, efficiency of the senses is diminishing over time. The risk of an accident home, leaving the lonely elderly people are increasing more and more. In order to prevent these potential risks, the system of tele-assistance has been put in place. This service allows older people to contact a central monitoring in the event of a problem.

Tele-assistance, the conditions for its free

Being included among the so-called fragile, the elderly have a right to a particular treatment, especially if they live alone. Usually free, this listening service especially affects persons in receipt of an allowance in lieu of third person or household help under the social assistance or an allowance for a custom home or a disability compensation for persons with disabilities.

The tele-assistance is free of charge, the fact that his or her subscription, devices to use, the medallion or bracelet to call for help and access to the call center are supported by the local communities or the general council.

La télé-assistance pour une meilleure sécurité des séniors

The practicality of the tele-assistance

This system is for the safety of the senior who receives it. In fact, by simple pressure on a button, it will be able to contact a central listening to do with his problem to the person at the other end of the line. This equipment is composed of a box equipped with a button that is paired to the phone. The person will also be able to use a remote control with a bracelet or a locket. Once the signal is activated, the central unit will identify the person and places a call to ask him what she wants.

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This is often a simple board or the request of a call from the family or a doctor or even relief. In the case of non-response to the call, the emergency services are directly reported by the station listening for a response to an emergency. In this way, the elderly will still be able to keep their own habits without being interned in centres and also to follow the evolution of their environment without fear.