TeamSquare, for replacements simple !

TeamSquare, pour des remplacements simplifiés !

It happens that a nurse has to be absent from work for a variety of reasons : personal, medical… The challenge for health framework is to find an(e) substitute(e) as soon as possible. A task that can take a considerable amount of time ! In order to address this problem, the teams of the recruitment site Staffsanté just launched a new application : Teamsquare.

Easy to manage for replacements in any serenity

For healthcare workers and healthcare executives, Teamsquare is an application that will simplify the management of replacements in hospitals, clinics, and medico-social establishments (long-term care facilities, retirement homes, etc.).

The nurses and caregivers who are looking to perform replacements are sought as soon as a request for a replacement. They will be able, through the application Teamsquare, accept or decline directly to the mission.

For the managerial staff, it is a huge time saver that awaits them because they will finally be able to get endless phone calls to members of their team to each new absence.

But how does Teamsquare exactly ?

You are a nurse or caregiver and are looking for replacements to be performed ? As soon as your institution subscribes to Teamsquare, download the application and then fill in your profile. As soon as an offer suits you, you will receive a notification on your smartphone (or SMS or email if you do not wish to install the application) with the detail of the replacement demand. You are also free to then accept or refuse the proposal.

If you are a part of health and that you need to find a replacement, you simply specify on the application the desired profile. If someone responds to your request, you will be notified by email, by SMS or through a notification on the application Teamsquare. You will have to accept or decline the proposal of replacing.

As you will have understood, thanks to the TeamSquare, the management of the replacement of a hospital or a long-term care facilities is greatly facilitated. More need to research for hours and contact dozens of people by phone. Everything goes through the application, which allows you to save time and to continue to be active in your post. So if you are a part of health seeking replacements or a health professional wanting to make more replacements, the application Teamsquare is made for you. It remains to convince your institution to subscribe to this solution !

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