support for seniors – information on financial aid

Most of the seniors in the home. You want to be able to as long as possible in the four walls of their home.

The health condition is good, can take care of the elderly, often until old age almost. The daily duties of the household, however, is to create. Errands such as shopping, Cleaning and cooking are always heavier and require a lot. In order to preserve the independence durable, can be taken external financial assistance. Whoever plays with the thought, should be informed in advance about the details.

Difference between caregiver and domestic help

Unterstützung für Senioren – Informationen zu HaushaltshilfenA home help may initially be confused with a nurse. This is the individual needs assessment is crucial. The financial help for you or your family members, especially household activities. This includes cleaning, cooking and washing clothes. In addition, a budgetary force can support you, but also in the child care or the supervision of demented family members. In contrast to a nurse a home help takes over any activities at the Person, such as body care or assistance with feeding.“

Seniors should be able to provide largely self-and no or hardly any physical complaints that require a nurse, would be a household aid, therefore, exactly the Right thing.

The goal of a domestic help should be to preserve the autonomy of older people for as long as possible. To be able to financial support on the part of the legal nursing care insurance benefit, you must, however, be certain conditions met. According to § 36 SGB XI, the Definition of assistance in the framework of the care benefits in kind for budget support. Generally speaking, a dependency must be shown and the appropriate Person in a nursing degree to be classified. Depending on the help required, what is the extent of the financial help. Ambulatory care services can make a household help.

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However, before the contact with a care service is taken, it is recommended to contact the competent care Fund. These are required to take out a individual care. The Insured this generally. Here, under the mediation of domestic help falls at the same time.

Financial aid from the EU countries

Despite the financial support of the statutory long-term care insurance professional, financial AIDS are not affordable for everyone. In addition, there can be, in any case, funding is expected. A cheap Alternative is to seem professional forces from the EU to be a foreign country. Who uses this solution, you must focus on a reputable Agency, the fair conditions for both parties. The following points play a role:

  • proper payment for household help
  • Social security
  • Work In The Legal Framework
  • Applying for a business number

For some States since 1.In may 2011, the so-called free movement of workers. This scheme makes it easier for families and seniors independently a suitable budget and to organize care. Since then, the relevant specialists from Poland are allowed to be taken, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia independently. Before the introduction of the free movement of workers have direct employment contracts with foreign nurses were illegal.

Today, the foreign domestic helpers do not require a work permit, as long as you are within the EU. It is important that companies that trade in foreign experts to Germany to send the posted workers act (AEntG) and the whole process agrees with it. Nevertheless, the German budget will need to look helps in detail and the records of the brokerage firm detailed check.

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The Federal employment Agency has compiled on the topic of posting of workers information on labor law:

“Posted workers who were deployed for a certain period of time to provide a service of your employer, to Germany, to fall under the labour law of their country of origin. At the same time, minimum work conditions by Law or administrative regulations (e.g. minimum wage, minimum holidays, maximum working hours), as well as in certain industries, tariff-contractual regulations, in particular minimum wages, mandatory.“ (Source:

Since 2011, seniors and members of skilled workers from outside the EU to hire self-employed as a domestic help. The German Client is temporarily for the employer. As you can distinguish the power spectrum of the various agencies vary greatly and not every company is reputable, is to address the more important the topic closely. Prospects are good agencies advise of the appropriate placement on the necessary forms and legal basis of the educate. Anyone who takes a domestic help from Eastern Europe, as a rule, concludes with the in the foreign company established a contract. Content of the contract is the temporary provision of a care service. The foreign-based company, is sending his staff to Germany. In the selection of the Agency is also on the A1-form. It confirms that the household hired help in the relevant EU country and by the posting of workers under social insurance.

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