stroke in children

Little-known, the STROKE in the child exists yet. Everyone will talk to you about strokes in adults, especially the elderly, but yet it’s important to know that there are in France each year between 500 and 1,000 reported cases in infants and children. 1 cause of disability and death in 10% of cases in the first month, this pathology has yet to be addressed.

STROKE of the child

STROKE is a medical emergency, especially in children. Often misdiagnosed or too late, due to its rarity, the causes are multiple (cardiac, malformations, etc…). Suites to several factors and intervention, it has been decided by the ministry of health to create a national centre of reference of the STROKE of the child, within the framework of the plan for STROKE 2010-2014.

If you want to know more than my few information, I encourage you greatly to you to visit the website of the association a STROKE of the child.