strengthening the decision-making skills of nurses

Nurses should be allowed to prescribe certain AIDS

Health state Secretary Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU), calls on the decision-making competences of care professionals are to be strengthened.

At a press conference by the Stuttgart-based specialist publisher Thieme on Tuesday in Berlin, Laumann said that care workers, for example specific tools for the care may prescribe the needy self-employed.

Claims of this nature are in close connection with the planned realignment of the nursing profession.

“Currently, the care of the medicine, the Doctors, carriers and the policy will definitely be strange,” complained the former President of the German Board of Trustees of Marie-Luise Müller on Tuesday. A result was that “catastrophic conditions” in the clinics. Many Workers in care had inwardly already terminated. Marie-Luise Müller calls the “revolt from the bottom up”.

Nurses do not wish to be understood as auxiliary forces of the Doctors in the hospital. You want to work together on eye-level with the Doctors. In consequence this would mean, for example, that the nurses decide on the dosage of certain medications.

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