stair lifts, and co. – this is a check list you should know

Breaking the barriers lift with one stairs
Treppenlifte und Co. – diese Checkliste sollten Sie kennen

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Who would not like to miss even in old age, and especially with the physical limitations on the amenities of your own apartment or the house, and his home has spread over several floors, often to the purchase of a stair lift. It is important to note when purchasing a daily life support stair lift more than you think. Just seniors, unfortunately, are not blessed very often in the high old to have a sufficient mobility in the home domicile. So, there is the purchase and Installation of a stair lift, a number of important factors to consider, the costs and the use of a stair lift to be optimally exploited.

For this reason, we have compiled the Following is a check list with all necessary information, in order to make the installation and use of a stair lift as simple as possible.

Check list for a stair lift at home the most important points for a smooth process:
The selection of a stair lift – what is the model of a stair lift is needed?

In principle, a staircase lift for all of the people in question have a sufficient mobility to walk. A stair lift is only a support in everyday life and as a technical tool for a care service is not needed. In the case of the models a stair lift is a lift between a seat and a platform-Lift differences. Home lifts can be about GARAVENTA Lift offers ideal for daily use and contribute to barrier-free Living in your own four walls. A seat lift is for all patients to recommend the directed independently to walk to the stairs and on the seat. The platform Lift is designed for wheelchair users. Here in wheelchairs can go directly on a platform, and, together with the wheelchair between floors move.

New or used stair lift? – what to look for when purchasing attention should be paid

In fact, the purchase of a stair lift is not a cheap affair. Particularly relevant when deciding whether to buy or rent a stair lift, whether a new or used model you acquire, is the following question: How often the stair lift is used and, consequently, the Consideration of which model best suits you. The options for the purchase of a stair lift, the search for a well preserved used model or rent a stair lift with funding from the care Fund are in addition to the purchase of a new stair lift. Anyone who is planning over a number of years with a stair lift, you can decide very well for a new stair lift. Likewise, it is also possible to buy a used stairlift from a stair lift to buy manufacturer. These models are usually cheaper and offer people with physical Handicaps, a perfect help in everyday life. Finally, people also offer private, in the meantime, used models. Consequently, a look at various comparison portals to the Internet. Rent a stair lift pays for itself on the other hand, if it is to be expected in the foreseeable future is that a Patient will be to ensure sufficient mobility of the position and the stair lift only comes for a reasonable period of time.

Grant health insurance to apply for, and thus save costs

The cost for the purchase of a stair lift cannot afford to be Concerned, often automatically. The following condition for subsidies through the health insurance Fund for the purchase of a stair lift is mandatory:

It must be present when the applicant is already the classification into a Care level by nursing care insurance.

Starting the nursing degree 1 can care the insured in the application for the purchase and installation of a stair lift for a grant in the amount of up to € 4,000 . However, the grant must be applied for is mandatory before the signing of the purchase agreement and the installation and of the health insurance Fund be approved.



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