spa therapy : feel good in his body naturally

A thermal cure is a treatment in a spa resort. A general practitioner or specialist prescribed cure for a period of three weeks the patient undergoing of conditions by the mineral waters, and their derivatives. This article explains what the spa treatment and what are its benefits.

Definition of a spa cure

The medical treatment of a spa treatment requires the use of the spring water, naturally heated and rich in minerals from the mountainous regions. During the cure, the specialist has recourse also to the application of the mud and gas springs. The limitation of the water depends on the disorders that meets the patient, it may be carried out in hydrotherapy external, internal and drinking cure of mineral water. Sometimes, the physician may combine the care of the physiotherapy. The spa treatment allows the patient to feel well again in your skin and consider a better everyday life !

The types of thermal cures

There are two types of thermal treatment according to your situation. On the one hand, the doctor can prescribe the cure conventional 18 days to the patient. By being supported by health insurance, it offers one more advantage to the sick. On the other hand, the people wishing to enjoy the benefits of the thermal water can opt for the spa treatment free. This type of treatment does not require a doctor’s prescription, it is simply a matter of relaxing treatments and conditioners to soothe and heal the illnesses. However, it is not supported by social security. The inherent costs of a spa treatment will therefore be fully at your expense. You have to see !

The benefits of thermal cures

According to numerous studies carried out on the spa treatments, but its effectiveness has been well proven. In fact, the treatment including the thermal treatment of Néris are an excellent palliative for a better absorption of medication. According to the study Thermathrose, it appears that treatments to mitigate the pain of suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee after 6 months. Moreover, the research Maâthermes has achieved great efficiency and even without the side effects of the spa treatment of 3 weeks for overweight patients. In short, the spa treatments have many virtues for the care and treatment of persons with disorders of various. In summary, they are beneficial for everyone and take care of many ailments of daily life !

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