Some figures on the remuneration of nurses

The remuneration of a nurse in early career will depend on the sector in which it operates. There is a large disparity in the composition of the salary both at the level of the wages of nurses in the working conditions depending on whether it is public service officer or private or associative, or in business …

In general, the remuneration of a nurse in the beginning of their career is around 1500 euros net monthly, which will add different bonuses to the people working in the hospital environment. These increases in base compensation are caused by night work, as well as the presence on the weekends, holidays, mandatory within a hospital.

The working conditions in the private sector are governed by collective agreements and, in general, much more flexible.

The remuneration of a nurse will also be impacted by the different specializations that it offers the profession. The positions that require greater technical sophistication will be better paid, as the nurses in neonatology, for example, where the salary will be 1650 euros per month, in the beginning of their career. Nurses working in geriatrics will be granted an increase of ten percentage points, equivalent to a salary increase of fifty euros, to reach 1550 euros net monthly. This increase is due to the aging of the population resulting in a significant demand for labour and to encourage young people to orient themselves in this sector.

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According to the seniority in the post of nurse, of merit, and also the treatment techniques performed, the remuneration of a nurse in end-of-career rise in the base salary of the 2564 euros net.

The nurse may also choose to work in liberal, ensuring compensation even more important. The nurse will be able to make the application installation after 2 years of exercise in the hospital sector. The salaries of nursing liberal lie between 2000 and 2500 euros net per month. The working conditions are, however, totally different, because the nurse having made this choice shall not be governed by the labour code. It will be his own boss and his salary will depend on the time spent to the administration of care since his remuneration is fixed and, therefore, paid to the act. The more he worked, the more her salary will increase.