Social professions: If it is difficult

Social professions require a lot. Since it is difficult to always stay friendly and nice. My ideal image looks like: I’d like to always like to come to work, always friendly and in good spirits. To welcome I would like to give your employees a reason to be happy and a positive ambiance. The whole day long. Then, when the celebration is a band, I would like to find the automatic shift knob, beam me in the always Sunny afternoon.

But what is it now?! Beginning of the year, deep winter depression or Burn-Out? Whatever it is, it is robbing me of my joy. At the latest, Sunday afternoon, the start reminds me of the week on Monday as a grey hat on the head.

So the Suffering is worth it really, just negative thoughts in the head: Why, for the money, so much responsibility? How to motivate as a lecturer in these conditions the trainees? What should I tell my staff, if you show me the obvious abuses of the system?

Social professions: It is not hidden, as it goes to the colleagues

Still clueless, I will, as I must begin in this Phase to the next one – namely this blog post. My bad mood to my colleagues on falls now. For social occupations, a work atmosphere is typical, in the not-remains hidden, as it goes to the colleagues. This makes it easier for me to talk about it. And to ask for advice. To my question: “What should I write?” the colleague a simple answer: “why don’t you Write about Yourself, how You are right now.”

I am an honest person and I can adjust the bad. So it is, in fact, the best idea is to make the Depth on the subject. But at the same time, open your mouth. My colleagues seem to be happy when I’m doing these days my whims words and say that it has nothing to do with them. Only my supervisor looks at me worried. But you know me.

Social professions offer a wide range of perspectives

It is the point at which I realize that only I can change the Situation. I am responsible for my attitude, for the way I look at the world. Only this knowledge annoys me. Again responsibility. Responsibility? There was something. I turn in thought to the time.

My goals come to me. Perspectives, the social professions, such as health and nursing open nurse. I didn’t forget you, but somehow a little lost sight of. The teaching of trainees, and the Training of nursing staff in the psychiatry, I would like to expand. Part-time, I would like to study. And when my son stands on his own legs, I want to go abroad. Perhaps in development aid. To practice experience in emergency medicine I’m missing. My idea, in the emergency room, a part of my working time to be completed, comes back to me in the sense. Social professions, such as my offer so many possibilities and opportunities.

Like own goals

Here it is again: The desire to make my career what I want. To think of what I want to achieve – and to achieve not only what prevents me from it. Sounds easy. But it is not. I’ve been nibbling for weeks. As long as I put this post in front of me. This week has welcomed me and then my Manager with the words: “There she is again, the old Catherine!”

Photo: Katharina Voss