Small helper for nurses

People engaged in physically and emotionally stressful occupations such as the care of old or disabled people, should pay particular attention to your body. A well-balanced nutrition, sporty activities and regular rest breaks are an important Basis for the duration of the withstand load in the profession. In particularly busy moments, small things like a Smile of thanks or a kind word to count, so that the work becomes a little easier. At the level of the work clothes and tools nurses can be employed in order to facilitate the daily professional life.

What nurses can pay attention

  • Geleinlegesohlen for the shoes are a cheap and effective method, aching feet vozubeugen. The comfortable insoles to dampen the pressure when Running, so the feet are even after a long working day fit.
  • Bed-ridden patients to be lifted from the nurses, and not reburied, in order to bedsores. With the right technology can be complaints avoided:
    • one-sided loads are avoided
    • Back during the Work to keep straight (a support brace for the lumbar spine can help)
    • correct breathing technique inhalation (prior to service times, all the while exhaling)
    • Lifts from the hip and the legs
    • you to the bed of the patient before the treatment according to the above (clue: its own bar)

What are the options to facilitate the work on the patient

The own well-being, is, however, not only with health products make it easier – also in the everyday Care of small tools can help for the patients to make their own work more enjoyable. Seniors who suffer from incontinence can be helped with appropriate Hygienartikeln. Patients are, in General, still relatively fit, it is often difficult for this “diaper feeling” to navigate. A good Alternative to the incontinence diaper special briefs with the membrane insert, and anti-bacterial active substance. You look from the outside like a normal Slip and not to wear under a thin summer pants. Also for patients who live in supervised facilities, but as far as a self-contained life, can benefit from medical products. Victims no longer can increase, for example, alone in the bathtub, is helped with a sink-shower, the quality of life.

Photo: Uta Herbert /