Small gifts

When one receives a small gift from the family of a patient, one is always happy. We feel we did a good job, that they are taking good care of the patient, etc…

Most of the time, you get chocolates. It should be number 1 on the list of things to provide the staff, then comes the simple thank you card… Between the two, my heart balance ! It is true that the chocolate is in a nursing service and nursing aides-didn’t last long. This to a large power anti-stress dira-t-on to the ministry of health ! Caregivers need in terms of current work, and… Yes, good, we eat not bad when even.

I want my little gift !

Where I’m coming from today is that this evening the husband of a patient I was offered a small gift, or rather, two gifts. Oh the deep joy of self-satisfaction. “Hold on, this is for you : a pen and a lighter” . Hmm, this is where you ravales your pride and that you thank them politely as he should be, the nice gentleman who wanted to do well after all !

Yes but good, a pen with the word “Corsica ” half-erased, you wonder if it was not foisted upon the pen, and he tries to pass, especially as I think not to have the head of a corsican ! Otherwise patients will be scared, I think. Note that in passing where I read about this in the patients room, I started to laugh stupidly saying awkwardly ” it comes of the boat that has failed in Italy there ?” . Okay, he had not heard.

And then just another little gift : the lighter and looking better, you also notice an inscription (ad) cleared. You say also, it is because I am a guy ? I smoke but not me !

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So there I was, a nurse, corsica and the smoker, who takes good care of his wife. Where otherwise he seeks, no doubt, that I have to do all fart in the service…