skin protection in nursing

Nursing is not only on the groomed skin of the patient, the skin needs to be protected. By frequent washing and disinfecting hands and wearing disposable gloves, the natural protection is attacked, and germs have free rein. How seriously one should take the care of the hands, seen in the fact that 94% of all inflammatory skin occurrence of lesions on the hands.

Skin is not just skin, and our body wraps around, rather, it is a vital Organ that performs important functions. The skin protects us from foreign substances and microorganisms and ensures a pleasant temperature in the body by secreting sweat to cool. It is a storage for water, fats, carbohydrates and salts, a more acidic protective film to kill pathogens. Also as a sensory organ, our skin. Blush or Pale, shows in connection with, for example, embarrassing situations that the Psyche attracts to the threads.

Working in a damp workplace, use of detergents or disinfectants, as well as wearing disposable gloves and mechanical stress, damage the skin. In case of prolonged contact with water, the horn swells layer, and the barrier function is impaired. As a result, the tensile strength decreases and risk of substances are able to penetrate. Strong scrubbing and disinfecting agents enhance the removal of the protective layer, and deprive the skin of liquid.

Skin protection is not just a private scope, but is also required by law in Occupations that lay claim to our skin. The employer is obliged to draw up a skin protection plan in order to avoid errors in the hand care. Similarly, the skin protection compositions have to be made. The aim of the professional hand care, skin changes, and allergies to prevent, as well as the strengthening of the barrier function. ie

  • Skin cleaning
  • Disinfection
  • Skin care

“As thoroughly as necessary and as gently as possible.”

First and foremost, by the cleaning of the skin adhering, damaging and irritative substances to be removed. At the same time, the water-Lipid is, however, attacked coat. Therefore, a mild should be, under the pH 6.5-seated cleaning agents are used. Not only to the employer, it is for the heart, and economical with the soap deal, also the skin is happy. The cleaning agent should be distributed with a little water on the skin, then rinse thoroughly.

Excessive Washing or a too high water temperature will cause damage to the barrier function, and also when drying off, make sure soft disposable towels. Particular attention to the interdigital spaces, the skin changes.

Through constant contact with foreign objects the skin is contaminated with germs. Correct hand disinfection is applied, an optimal protection option and here to stay. The most alcoholic preparations act within 30 seconds, but the disadvantage of dehydration, since the grease will be dissolved at the end of components. Therefore, care should be taken on a gentle disinfectant.

In order to regenerate the skin, can be worn after the wash, and disinfect the building at the end of hand-protection products on the skin. There is no universal skin-protection preparation, therefore you should rely on practical experience. Skin care should be operated, in the professional or domestic work.

It is well-matched skin-protecting agents is recommended to use, it is the

The employer asked, since he is a legal guarantee obligation of the protection of the skin. The cream should help the skin in the physiological function and not a disturbing film of grease. Potential Allergy producers such as fragrances or herbal extracts are mostly useless, more attention should be paid to a fast-absorbing and well-redistributable cream.

At the washing place a skin should hang protection plan that explains specifically the correct implementation of the skin care. Information about what skin protection, when, where, and how often, should be legible.

Skin diseases can lead to disability. The conclusion, therefore, is prevention, and employee information and, if necessary, appropriate training and promising. Skin protection plan, dispensing systems, disposable towels, Care products are essential. Should changes in skin to be visible, immediately an appointment with the doctor.

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